Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aoibheann Inis Eoghain

 The Battery Field

Howdy folks! (‘Howdy’, a word I really should use more often.) How’re you all keeping this evening then? I took a little longer getting back to you than I’d planned, you can blame Tumblr for that one. It’s so much easier on the head to just click buttons and ogle pretty pictures than it is to sit down and write a post. Too easy really, the lazy person’s way to blog. But still, I think I’ve earned a little lazy time lately.

I seem to have taken on what feels like a million new endeavours all at once, including starting in a wonderful new job and finally getting back to learning to drive (yup, I’m a 29-year-old journalist who doesn’t have a full driving licence, that probably explains the difficulty I’ve had getting work!). And then there’s that other thing I’ve been doing which, now that I’m here, I feel a little reluctant revealing. I’ll explain why in a moment.

In my last post I mentioned I had exciting plans for the weekend. Well, my excitement was justified because it all went splendidly. You see, my friends, last Friday night saw the opening of my first ever photography exhibition! When I say ‘my’ I mean me and the rest of the local camera club I’m a member of. It’s being run as part of a local music and arts festival happening in my town at the moment.

Then, last night, we had an opening of another one. Yes another one! Sadly I couldn’t go because my old back trouble was playing up. But still, two exhibitions on the go at once? I would say I’m proud of myself, only the truth is I’m more than a little embarrassed about the whole thing.
I know I have a Flickr account and regularly share my photos here, but there’s something different about hanging them up on an actual wall in a proper exhibition and asking people to look at them. I feel like such a fake wannabe! Especially when you see the quality of work that’s hanging all around me up there - a talented bunch of lovable eejits, that camera club crew.

You’re all such a lovely bunch of bloggers who only ever have kind words of encouragement regarding these things so I know I shouldn’t feel so self-conscious telling you about the exhibition. I think it’s because I’m also aware that many of you are very talented artists and photographers, while I’m just a pretender with a point-and-shoot and Photoshop.  I’m always paranoid when I know people with a background in these things are looking at my work. (I even felt funny giving the prints to my aunt and uncle to mount since they’re professionals.)

Anyway, I know I’ve no doubt posted some of them on the blog before but the images in this post are the ones I submitted for display. I’ve said before that I hate posts without pictures and thought these were probably the most appropriate for this one.

I’ve another busy week ahead so I probably won’t be back on here again until Saturday or Sunday, which is when I hope to resume regular blogging again! That’ll include getting a proper visit to all my blog buddies; I popped by a lot of your places the last day but connection trouble and my increasing shortage of time meant I couldn’t leave many comments. I’ve a whole day set aside at the weekend to make up for that :)
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Northern (Irish) Lights


I just read over my last post and had a wee chuckle to myself. What a difference a week makes! So much for laid back summer evenings, I think this is the first night I’ve actually been in my house since I posted that.  It’s been hectic, but in a really good way; I’ve some exciting plans for the weekend ahead but I’ll tell you about them on Saturday. Which, incidentally, will be the next evening there’s even a hope of getting back on here.

Since I’m long overdue a nosy round all your blogs I’m not going to waste anymore time rambling on with my usual inane drivel. Instead I’m going to share some pictures of fair Inishowen at her majestic best. I came across these photos by accident on Flickr the other day and presumed they were taken in Scandinavia or somewhere, not just down the road! We do get to see the Northern Lights sometimes round here, but only every so often and then only if the clouds allow it.

Which, if you ask me, is what makes these images all the more fantastic. They were captured in March this year in Ballyliffin by photographer Mark Nolan. For many, many more of Mark’s beautiful images of the area check out is Flickr and webpage.






p.s. While I’m here I want to say a big thank-you-very-much to two amazingly generous bloggers - Evelyn at Through The Looking Glass and Carolyn at Littlegretel Dolls. I’ll explain more when I get back to proper blogging on Saturday but for now I just wanted to acknowledge their loveliness :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shades of Summer

Hello boys and girls. How’s everyone doing this evening then? It’s been a while, hasn’t it. Too long really. I think I needed a bit of a break after last week’s blog hopping siege; I don’t know about you lot but that carry on really took it out of me! Great fun though, well worth it. Anyhoo…

So it seems summer has finally arrived on these blustery shores. I’ve been spending my afternoons dandering and daydreaming, taking pictures and collecting sea shells - basically just making the most of the fine weather and my free time while I still have some (finally got myself a new job, woo hoo!). It’s been really rather lovely. I would share some snaps but I feel like I’ve been saturating this blog with my mediocre photos recently. Plus, there’s simply no way any of my own pictures could ever convey my present mood as beautifully as these:

The work of Canadian artist Elly MacKay, the images you see before you were created using hand cut painted paper and photographed in a miniature theatre. I just adore the light, airy feel to these fairytale-esque scenes. So fitting for how I feel right now, like walking on clouds made of marshmallows. Incidentally, you can find many more instances of Ms MacKay’s heart warming work at her aptly named Etsy shop, Theatre Clouds. Eye candy for little girls of all ages :)

p.s. I’ve only just discovered she has a Flickr page and a blog too, where you can find even more dreamy delights! Check them out here and here respectively.
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