Monday, January 9, 2012

A pretty paper dress

I keep forgetting I've actually returned to the world of blogging and therefore actually have somewhere to share some of the loveliness I find on the web. Like this beautiful paper creation from artist Carrie Ann Schumacher, which I came across the other day. Ain't it just beautiful? Wouldn't it be just perfect to wear to a fancy awards do or something like it - well, as long as it didn't rain. Find more of her wonderful work here, including an equally exquisite Alice dress.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

And just like bloody buses…

Digital Journal, week 1

…you don’t get a post for months then two come along at once. You see how committed I am to my promises in the previous post? I had parties to go to tonight, people to kiss and hug and spill beer on, but nope - I just told them they could keep their champagne and sing-songs, I had a blog to resurrect! (It has nothing to do with the fact I’m shattered and my old back complaint’s playing up, honest it hasn’t.)

Anyway, this is another of my resolutions for the new year. This time last year I committed myself to keeping an art journal. Well, I did, but the results weren’t always great. I’m not the most tidy person either, so any time I made a page I usually made a mess too. (Glitter glue and paper everywhere - my room usually ended up looking like it was hit by a playschool class on the sauce.) So, since I spend most of my time at a computer, and since I’m a little bit more adept on Photoshop than with hands-on arts-and-crafts, I set myself a more manageable target this year - digital art journaling. This is my first go, I’ll post another one each week.

Happy new year folks!

New Year, New Me

Well, not really. I’m still the same old me, just a little older since I’ve last been here. Though not much wiser… So then folks, how the hell have you been?!  All’s well this end, I’m glad to report. Happy to back in this weird and wonderful land of fanciful findings and frivolous fantasies. Where’ve I been without you all? As soon as I logged in here and saw those familiar names scrolling down through my dashboard I felt like I’d never been away. It’s really rather comforting.

Anyhoo, to answer that rhetorical question to myself, I’ve not been anywhere particularly special. Just hanging out with the neighbours, in a virtual metaphorical sense.  Spending too much time on Twitter and Tumblr, to put it more literally. In the past wee while I’ve gone beyond my lingering guilt at committing cyber adultery on you guys and fully embraced my micro-blogging addiction. Hence my total abandonment of this, my true internet home.

So - and you may have guessed this already - I’ve made it my New Year’s resolution to do something about that. I’ve already started giving the place a bit of an early spring clean (it’s not finished yet, I’ll get my blogroll and other wee foottery things back up soon enough), and I’ve decided to take a new approach to how I blog here, too. My addiction to Tumblr and the like isn’t hard to figure out; I’m pretty well occupied in my real life at the minute and only have the time and enthusiasm for popping in briefly, throwing a few posts up, and making a quick and quiet exit.

Tumblr makes that easy with its anonymity - on Blogger I’ve always felt an obligation to respond to each and every comment left here by visiting that person's page. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE catching up with you all since you’re all so damn lovely and have the bestest blogs ever, but that’s exactly the problem! I’ve been lucky enough to meet so, so many wonderful kindred souls on here over the past year or two that I always have a lot of loveliness to catch up with. And because of sense of duty to visit you all every time I post… well to be honest it puts me off posting. Not because it feels like a chore, but because I know how long it’ll bloody take! Not a bad complaint, I know. Just an impractical reality of my (previous) Blogger blogging habits.

I think it was the lovely Kathy who, in her infinitely witty wisdom, once told me blogging buddies should be like the people you talk to at the supermarket. You like them, enjoy and even look forward to hearing what’s been going on in their lives or whatever, but you don’t think they’re terrible and throw a huff if they’re in a hurry and don’t have time to stop for a chat. (Well, not unless you’re slightly insane.) It makes sense, for an analogy in which blogging is groceries. So, from now on, I may not always be able to stop for that wee natter, but then again I might have loads of time for a good auld chin wag… What I’m trying to say is I might not stop by your blogs every time I stop by my own, but I will get around to say hello eventually!

Then there’s that other issue I need to address - POSTS LIKE THIS ONE!!! When I haven’t been on in a while I feel compelled to spend ages posting a big warbling apology for not having posted in a while. And just like with my self-imposed visiting obligations, the longer it’s been since I’ve posted the longer I’ll spend apologising for not having posted - sure just look at the length of this post! No more of this carry on, is what I’m saying.

Shorter posts, but more of them; meaningful catch ups not obligatory visits; blogging because I want to, not because I feel I have to; and no more months on end of random apologetic posts! That’s my blogging resolution for 2012. Well, hope you all had an excellent night. Good thoughts and best wishes for the coming twelve months!
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