Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fit For a Princess in Wonderland

I had planned a different post for today, but as soon as I came across these I just had to share! My fiance’s sister had a wee baby girl last week (which, I don’t think I have to point out, is simply wonderful) and while searching for gift inspiration online this afternoon I stumbled across the most amazing shop. Inspiration is definitely the key word here, for these are a tiny bit out of my price range, though if I could afford it I’m telling you now - little Cara would have the most whimsically wondrous room in the land. I’d have to buy her everything on here!

Anyway, the shop in question is called Posh Tots, an American site which I’m sure many of you have already encountered in your travels through cyberspace. In fact, I’m sure I’ve been on it before too but it was only today when I had a proper nosy round that I realised how utterly fantastic it is.  Dressers and drawers that Alice herself would approve of, beds fit for a princess, and, oh, the playhouses! You have to go over and check out the playhouses. They do have a more ‘grown up’ outlet too, but it’s the kiddie stuff that rocks. Never mind the little ones, I want a wonky chest to store my socks in!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Garden Fairies

Since I haven’t posted anything fairy-related in ages I thought I’d share my latest Flickr uploads with you today. I may have already shared a couple of these ages ago, they’re from last summer, but if I did they would’ve been without the textures (since I only added them last night). I know, it would probably fit me better to get out there and take some new photos instead of playing around with oldies, but everything just looks so dreary at this time of year! No sparkly ice or fluffy snow, and no flowers in the garden or sunlight through the trees. Just heavy grey skies and dull wet streets. Miserable. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ah, The Good Old Days

I’m aware that the last post was shamefully self-indulgent so to make up for it I thought I’d now bring you something unashamedly geeky. It warms me to know that many of you who drop by this little of corner of cyberspace share my love of all things nerdy, so when I came across these retro-style Sci-Fi posters I couldn’t not post them. The Star Wars travel ones are by illustrator Steve Thomas while the Trekkie propaganda posters are available to buy at ThinkGeek. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Pointless Post

My my, I haven’t made the best blogging start to the new year have I? Halfway through January and this is only my third post. Disgraceful! I have been a little preoccupied recently I suppose; I’ve all these half-baked notions and schemes that have been brewing up in the auld noggin for a while now and suddenly I’ve the urge to put them all into action at once.  As a result I’ve been a bit of an erratic mess, unable to concentrate on one project for long enough without feeling I should be directing my attention elsewhere.  And I know exactly why too- you know, psychologically and all that.

It’s because of my birthday. Which, incidentally, isn’t actually until next month but I’ve always mentally checked my age by the turning of the year.  So you see folks, in my head I am now 29- eek!  I never imagined I’d be the type to get freaked out by age, yet as these past years have drawn in at increasingly rapid speed I find myself facing ‘the big 3-0’ with a growing sense of impending doom. I know that once I get past it I’ll be grand, but before then I have to come to terms with the loss of my youth, dramatic as that sounds. And then there are all those things I’d hoped to have done by the time I resigned myself to absolute adulthood!

I was going to write a list, then I thought about it and realised that it would just make it even more depressing if I reached the end of the year not having completed all of the goals on it. Which would be pretty much inevitable since I’ve some pretty grandiose ambitions for the coming months. The whole point of this post was to share some of the said plans, but now that I’m here I realise I’m not quite ready to divulge the details just yet.  I’d probably just bore you all anyway. Which leaves me with a dilemma- what exactly is the point to this blog post?  I can’t seem to come up with one at the minute… Ah well, I’ve written it now so I’m still clicking ‘publish’!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twisted Beauty

Good evening all. Everyone having a nice weekend I hope? The snow’s back here, which is more or less what I’d been hoping for, but it’s not the nice fluffy kind. It’s the wet, sludgy, mixed-with-hailstones-and-an-icy-biting-wind sort. Careful what you wish for, eh? Anyway,  it does give one a handy excuse for sitting indoors pointless trawling the interweb for nothing in particular. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing all day.

You know, my connection was on the blink all week again and now it’s back I’ve so much ‘proper’ stuff I should be doing,  but this is so much more fun.  It’s like a lazy person’s Saturday market browsing. And just like at any good flea market you can find some wonderful wee oddities. Like these delicate but macabre porcelain dolls by  Jessica Harrison. The artist has a lovely eloquent statement on her website regarding the relationship between the body and space in her work, you can read it here. All I can say though is: THESE ARE SO COOL!!! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Leafy Art

I realise this is a little out of season but I love the idea of these wonderful art carvings too much to leave them (get it? sorry) till next autumn. Speaking of the seasons we appear to entering my least favourite one here- Spring. I’m sure it’s lovely and magical in other parts of the world- new life, fresh beginnings yada yada yada- but when you live in Ireland all it means is rain. A LOT of rain. Good job himself and I are planning on emigrating at some point in the coming months. Anyone able to suggest anywhere nice? Somewhere with year-round autumn/winter would be perfect. Maybe we should just become hobos and follow the fall around the world… Anyway, I hope this day finds you all well and that you enjoy the little leaves (if you want to find out more about them click here).

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