Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Garden Fairies

Since I haven’t posted anything fairy-related in ages I thought I’d share my latest Flickr uploads with you today. I may have already shared a couple of these ages ago, they’re from last summer, but if I did they would’ve been without the textures (since I only added them last night). I know, it would probably fit me better to get out there and take some new photos instead of playing around with oldies, but everything just looks so dreary at this time of year! No sparkly ice or fluffy snow, and no flowers in the garden or sunlight through the trees. Just heavy grey skies and dull wet streets. Miserable. 


Romantic Heroine said...

oh, i love the last one! :)

Anthropomorphica said...

Thanks for the sprinkling of faery sparkle Roisin. Come on spring, I'm ready for you!!

Heathen said...

So pretty! Now I can't wait for Spring!

Della said...

How nice to see bright fairies this time of year, Roisin, it's so dull and grey here, too, a little like the swamps of Dagobah in your last post. (Those posters are wonderful though, they really draw one to the "outer territories" of the mind) Take care!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Both nice and naughty ones;)
I like that!
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

I love these, Róisín!!! Very pretty.

I'm always looking over my shoulder when I walk in the woods - thinking I might spy a little fairy. :)

Happy day to you!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

^-^ I love the one on the horse! =D

I can't wait for Spring either... All this grey & cold & rain is getting to me... >_<

It will be here before I know it though, so I'll just hide in my house & plan my garden. ^-^


mirsini's creations said...

How cute is this green fairy flying inside the trees! I love green fairies!

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