Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twisted Beauty

Good evening all. Everyone having a nice weekend I hope? The snow’s back here, which is more or less what I’d been hoping for, but it’s not the nice fluffy kind. It’s the wet, sludgy, mixed-with-hailstones-and-an-icy-biting-wind sort. Careful what you wish for, eh? Anyway,  it does give one a handy excuse for sitting indoors pointless trawling the interweb for nothing in particular. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing all day.

You know, my connection was on the blink all week again and now it’s back I’ve so much ‘proper’ stuff I should be doing,  but this is so much more fun.  It’s like a lazy person’s Saturday market browsing. And just like at any good flea market you can find some wonderful wee oddities. Like these delicate but macabre porcelain dolls by  Jessica Harrison. The artist has a lovely eloquent statement on her website regarding the relationship between the body and space in her work, you can read it here. All I can say though is: THESE ARE SO COOL!!! 


Romantic Heroine said...

mmmmh, yummy ;) They are really macabre. I did almost the same today, browsing for nice's an enjoyable amusement on a saturday :)

btw, how do you feel, dearest?
and thanks for the lovely comment ♥

Della said...

I had to laugh. Not what we expect to see, is it? Enjoy your faux snow, there are many weeks ahead to expect the real thing again.

JJ Beazley said...

Does Mad Melanie know about these? Quite up her street, I should think. I found the one with the viscera quite disgusting, and the one with the upside down head funny.

Our snow started fluffy, and then turned gruesome. Oddly enough, the lanes around me were the trickiest they've been all winter when they turned slushy.

D.Suplicki said...

Hello my dear! I love these beautifully gory statues. She's supposed to be selling them at some point in the future, I'd love to get my hands on one!

Things have been going pretty well over here, I've been suffering from a bit of writer's block but otherwise things are good. Hope you had a lovely holiday and start of the new year, I'm glad we met in 2010 and am sure we'll continue to be friends in 2011. :)

Enjoy your slushy snow as best you can!

Kathy said...

One word -


Although, it sure does grab your attention, doesn't it? And, make me so glad that I'm not eating spaghetti while reading this. Or kidney pie....hahahahha!

Cheers! Stay warm - Kathy

Ceci said...

The one with the cut throat reminds me of one of the paintings in the Dali exhibit in Atlanta... (Apparently the woman who had commissioned a portrait from him cancelled the commission, so he finished it but painted it with medusa hair and her neck slashed.

Matthew Mc Grory said...

These are really cool! Like something i would expect to see for a video game promotion

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