Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Moon and Two Butterflies

Vintage Moon

Has anyone else noticed that it’s Thursday? And - and! - it’s Easter? I think I must’ve encountered some sort of time warp ‘cause I’ve no idea where this past week month has gone.  One minute it’s a dreary March afternoon and the next thing I know I’m dandering round the beach and half the country’s in the sea swimming. Like it’s almost summer or something! Madness.

Anyway, how’ve all you lovely blogging folk been doing? I’ve been quite the anti-social networker of late, apologies. There’s just been too many offline distractions vying for my attention this past while; I’ve been living an almost internetless existence which, I have to admit, has been rather refreshing. And a little nostalgic actually, kinda like being back in the nineties :) That said, now that I’ve plugged myself back in I’m itching to get out in the ether again.

Before I set off on my blogland adventure, though, I just want to share some of my latest digital collage. They’re not great and I’d intended on saving this post until I had a few I was happier with, but since these are the last creations I’ll probably ever make using my beloved Gimp I thought I may as well. A little tribute, if you will.

You see folks, as happy as I am with my wee free friend, the time has finally come to move up in the world. Yup, I’ve managed to get my hands on Photoshop again! I’m not saying my collage is going to get any better just because I upgraded, but I do imagine I’ll be making many, many more as I reacquaint myself with PS and all it’s goodies. ’Tis going to be fun. 

Butterfly Lady II

Butterfly Lady
Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s a list of the sites where I found the vintage images used. All wonderful places to wander!
Vintage Printable
The Vintage Moth
The Graphics Fairy

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mr Bean and The Web Pixies

First things first - what the hell??? I leave my humble online abode for just a few wee days and come back to find web pixies have been wreaking havoc in my absence. Pesky pixies. As soon as I finish this post I’m off to sort them out. Or at least taking a wee spin over to see what in the world’s going on at Photobucket…  

Anyway, back to blog business! I’ve another of those artists to share this evening that you’ll probably already be familiar with. Even if you haven’t come across the name Kyle Bean before, chances are you’ve stumbled across the British designer at some point in your wanderings.  Specialising in hand crafted models and props, his work pops up all over the place. My personal favourites have to be that funky chicken above and these fantastic matchstick insects:

Oh, and how could I forget about this book/laptop hybrid, a statement on “how we’re sourcing information”:

Not too shabby, eh? The words ‘want’ and ‘now’ come to mind. Speaking of books and loveliness, you may even have a sample of the talented Mr Bean’s work on your shelf beside you since he’s also tried his hand at cover art…

…as well as dabbling in the publishing world himself. This is his Guide For The Unlucky, an interactive popup guide on how to avoid falling victim to everyday charms and curses:

What were those two words again? ;) Find out more about it here, and don’t miss the wonderful little video preview when you're there. Anyway folks, hope you’re all well and having a lovely week. Must get by your places for a wee visit just as soon as I go confront these pixies! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

I wandered lonely as a cloud…


Did you know that Wordsworth originally meant that line to read ‘I wandered lonely as a cow’? Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Good job there was a woman about to give it that extra whimsical charm, eh?

Anyway, I’m aware it’s not the most original title for a photo post on daffodils but I’m a little lacking in the imaginative thought department this evening.  I think all this extra daylight is addling my brain a bit, plus the fact I’ve just been sorting through the zillions of flower photos I’ve taken over the past wee while. I honestly don’t remember taking so many! And spring has only properly begun springing so I’d say I’ll be snapping plenty more before the seasons out. 

They’re definitely the best part of spring; I’m not too found of the sunshine and showers but I can’t get enough of the wee flowers. I’m sharing my daffodil shots today ‘cause it looks like they’re beginning to wither now, but it should be bluebell season soon and I’ve spotted lots of other exciting little buds waiting to bloom so expect another flower post soon.

A Host of Golden Daffodils
Some More Daffodils

Oh, and sorry for neglecting the blog all week. Yet another thing to blame the extra daylight for - the evenings have been slipping away so fast I couldn’t actually find the time to post.  And the weather’s too been lovely to be inside during the day - cold and sunny, just how I like it. Anyhoo, I’ll be back to regular posting just as soon as the rain returns ;)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Woolly Fabulous

So I considered attempting some sort of April Fool’s trick this evening but it turns out my mind’s just not devious enough. I’ve always been a bit useless at lying and it looks like my lack of skill in that area transfers to the online realm too. No matter though, for I’ve something much better to share instead.

It’s a link to a wee corner of crafty heaven. And I mean ‘crafty’ in the woolly, felted, knitted, crocheted sense - nothing  at all to do with slyness or deception. I kid you not,  you’ll be as bowled over as I was by the quirky handmade creations of Canadian crafter Woolly Fabulous.

Almost entirely self taught, Ms Fabulous (aka Odile Gova) uses only thrifted materials in her work. Just look at how she transformed her garden trees using only second hand doilies and an old tablecloth: 

Or these adorable little mushrooms, made from homemade felt, old bottle corks and recycled zippers. Too cute for words!

And then there’s her stunning felted brooches, available to buy at her Etsy shop:
Just so you know, the pieces I’ve shared here are only an teensy weensy sample of her extensive body of work and the only way to fully appreciate her imaginative talent is to pay her a visit yourself. In fact, this girl has so much loveliness to oogle make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to take it all in. With hundreds upon hundreds of pieces on display, she’s a bit of a crafting machine! One for the bookmarks folder for sure.
p.s Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my last post. I’m a bit pressed for time this evening (as usual, eh?) but I hope to get caught up with them super soon!
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