Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Moon and Two Butterflies

Vintage Moon

Has anyone else noticed that it’s Thursday? And - and! - it’s Easter? I think I must’ve encountered some sort of time warp ‘cause I’ve no idea where this past week month has gone.  One minute it’s a dreary March afternoon and the next thing I know I’m dandering round the beach and half the country’s in the sea swimming. Like it’s almost summer or something! Madness.

Anyway, how’ve all you lovely blogging folk been doing? I’ve been quite the anti-social networker of late, apologies. There’s just been too many offline distractions vying for my attention this past while; I’ve been living an almost internetless existence which, I have to admit, has been rather refreshing. And a little nostalgic actually, kinda like being back in the nineties :) That said, now that I’ve plugged myself back in I’m itching to get out in the ether again.

Before I set off on my blogland adventure, though, I just want to share some of my latest digital collage. They’re not great and I’d intended on saving this post until I had a few I was happier with, but since these are the last creations I’ll probably ever make using my beloved Gimp I thought I may as well. A little tribute, if you will.

You see folks, as happy as I am with my wee free friend, the time has finally come to move up in the world. Yup, I’ve managed to get my hands on Photoshop again! I’m not saying my collage is going to get any better just because I upgraded, but I do imagine I’ll be making many, many more as I reacquaint myself with PS and all it’s goodies. ’Tis going to be fun. 

Butterfly Lady II

Butterfly Lady
Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s a list of the sites where I found the vintage images used. All wonderful places to wander!
Vintage Printable
The Vintage Moth
The Graphics Fairy


Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre} said...

I LOVE these!!! They are just my kind of collage. I have photoshop, but have yet to really learn anything about it. I've tried a couple of times to teach myself and then I get impatient and frustrated. All in good time... I'm sure you will create many beautiful things that I hope you will share.
Yes, I can hardly believe Easter is this weekend. We are trying to move everything Saturday and on Sunday I have to plot my big annual Easter Egg Hunt for the nieces and nephews. Always fun and almost always accompanied by rain... Happy spring to you my friend! You have been missed here, but a little break is always good I know. Happy Easter!

Donna~Q~ said...

The digital age certainly has been a boon to collage ~ yours are lovely! I especially like the layered textures on the moon collage and the text backgrounds on your winged women. Happy Easter!

Kit and Kaboodle said...

Oooh lovely images and great to hear you're moving back to the world of photoshop - youtube is a wonderful means of teaching yourself new tricks with it, I'm forever dabbling around thanks to some of the tutorials posted there....some of the stuff I do even ends up looking as it should, which never happens if I just read how things should be done!

Kate :-)

Della said...

Oh I love your collages, Roisin, they're brilliant. The moon is my absolute favorite. I dabble in PS too, but have an old version. Still, I can waste all day there. Have a lovely weekend, I hope the weather holds. xx

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Seriously beautiful! I am lost in admiration. Simple, exquisite, all the good things. Great job! Blessings and light to you, friend.

Jeanne said...

I love your collages!! They are so dreamy... And I really, really, really like the Moon!!!
Hope to see more soon. :0)

Anonymous said...

LOVE!!! And MyOhMy look at those figures. :)
Happy Easter to you & yours, Roisin!

Kathy said...

Wow! Look at what you did?! Very cool. I like the fairy with 4 arms. Think of the things you could accomplish!! These are truly wonderful! Have a lovely Easter. Cheers, Kathy

eimear brennan said...

Hi Roisin! yes, the summer madness has hit us here aswell..."don't cast a clout til may is out" as my granny used to say...19 degrees...I had to take my coat off and the woolly tights!
Cool collages, especially fond of the Moon image. look forward to seeing some more!

Liliana Lucki said...

Maravillosos trabajos !!!!!!

Bravo !!!! Te saludo, Liliana.

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