Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Fairy Tree for Bealtaine

“All around the thorn tree, the little people play; and every one that pass there, they turn their heads away.”

- Count John McCormack, ‘The Bush Beyond Clougheen’.

Hello folks! Just dropping in quickly this evening to let you all know I haven’t given up blogging or anything, I’m actually still struggling to escape that time warp I mentioned last week. You know I seriously believe The End must be fast approaching, what with time speeding up and the fact that I don’t remember the last time the sun wasn’t shining! The rest of the world’s getting blown away and washed out of it, yet there hasn’t been a drop of rain here in around a month. Something’s definitely up. 

Anyway, I’m sure now that’s it’s officially summer the grey clouds will be back with a vengeance soon enough, and once I’m stuck indoors again time will return to it’s normal blog-friendly pace. I know nearly every other person in Ireland would probably hit me for saying this, but I can’t bloody wait. Bring back the gloom, all this pleasantness just isn’t normal!

(Oh, and sorry about my half-assed attempt at a Bealtaine post. My photo of the hawthorn is out of season and everything - it has to be in bloom to be Beltane-y. I did have some lovely shots of a flowering thorn from a couple of days ago but I deleted them from my camera by accident last night. Typical!)


JJ Beazley said...

I had my first ever Beltane fire last night. It was much more of an experience than I'd expected. Good, eh?

We haven't had rain for ages either. It's a bit windy, though. Everywhere is covered in arboreal debris.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

We welcomed May in with a rather cold start. In the 40s all day and rainy... but still it was a good day as we needed the moisture. Blessed Beltane to you and yours

Kathy said...

This is the year of the 365 day winter, I'm thinking. Crazy-@$$ weather ya know?! Your posts make me smile, scratch my head, and then look it up on Wikipedia! So - I LEARN something when I read your blog. Love it! - Cheers, Kathy

Danni said...

I think your photo is just perfect, my dear! I know it's been ages since we've managed to stop by and visit with each other... I think there's something to this time loss thing, I've been seeming to misplace entire days lately! I hope you and the mister have been enjoying the sunny weather and are doing well.

We've finally managed to unpack most everything and had a small fire in the backyard to welcome in May. It was a fine, understated evening. :)

Lynn said...

Seasonal or not, that is a fantastic photo. Makes me so want to be there.

My stepson just returned from a week cycling around Scotland (from one distillery to the next) and returned with a SUNBURN. And isn't it still snowing in the US? The weather is going all wonky everywhere. Wishing you plenty of mist and chilly rains.

Jeanne said...

A lovely Tree. And a lovely way to celebrate Beltane. :0)

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