Saturday, November 21, 2009

Changing Times

Right, so I’m not sure what the rules are on this sort of thing, nor do I care (I’m a rebel, you see, a real bad ass), but I’ve replaced the post that was here.

Previously I had up a tongue-in-cheek, letter-to-the-editor type article by Newton Emerson for the Irish Times. I thoroughly enjoyed the piece, which is why I posted it in the first place, but on reflection it didn’t quite fit in with the rest of my stuff. To start with, it could’ve only really been appreciated by someone familiar with the subtle ridiculousness of Irish history and politics. Plus it was so long it took up half the page. (If you’re intrigued you can read it here.)

Instead I’ve put up another news story from the same week that made me smile just as widely, and will be appreciated by anyone in their right mind. I find one’s attitude towards tea to be a strong measure of one’s character. Maybe that’s just another Irish thing.

Anyway, here you go, the news I’ve been waiting for. Finally, they’re saying something I love is good for me!

Drinking eight cups of tea a day 'reduces heart attack and stroke risk' 

Drinking up to eight cups of tea a day offers "significant health benefits", including a lower risk of heart attack and stroke, according to research. Read More

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