Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Early Christmas Present!

 Two Winter Texture Trees
[Snow picture from last year, since it’s too cold and slippery to go out and take new ones!]

Hello folks! Hope you’re all having a great day and that you enjoyed the solstice yesterday. Did anyone see the eclipse? I was up bright and early myself but there was such a thick freezing fog all you could see here was a reddish tinge to the mist (which may just have been the sun rising now I think on it…) It would’ve been nice to have witnessed such a mystical event but ah well, there’s always next time. I think it’s supposed to occur again in around 80 years; the women in my family tend to live quite long though, so you never know. Something to aim for!

Anyway, I got some lovely news last night. I’d spent, no wasted, the evening baking a couple of things I’d never attempted before, which wasn’t the best idea since I’d planned on giving them out as gifts. I thought it would be grand since they were both simple looking recipes- peppermint creams and stained glass cookies- and to be honest they were really easy to make. They even seemed to turn out well too, looking exactly like in the pictures- which is why I wanted to make them in the first place, so pretty and festive!  Unfortunately they weren’t as pleasing to the taste buds as they were to the eye. The creams tasted more like toothpaste than sweets and the cookies lived up to their name as the ‘glass’ part in the middle was downright dangerous when bitten! I was all set to head off to bed in a foul mood until I went in and checked my emails. Instead I went to sleep with a smile on my face! It was all thanks to this girl, the most generous and wonderful Laura:

If you haven’t already crossed paths with Laura out there in the blogosphere,  let me give you a brief introduction. From the Pacific Northwest of the USA she is author of two of the most lovely blogs in the land- Gypsea Tree and Steam Spectre. The first is a little sanctuary of bohemian charm and inspiring wisdom, with pretty pictures to boot, while the latter is a must for anyone with a fondness for steampunk or Victoriana (which I imagine would be quite a lot of you!).  You’d think that would be enough to keep any girl busy, but not Laura who’s recently opened up a great wee Etsy shop called Gypsea Myth from which she sells her cosy knits with hand-crafted buttons. Like these: 

Aren’t they beautiful? And WARM! Just perfect for these artic conditions. Well folks, I’ve only gone and won one!  Yup, I think I’m the luckiest girl in blogland- every giveaway I enter I seem to win and each one more wonderful than the last! I even stopped commenting on giveaway posts for a while because I was feeling guilty about how lucky I’d been. That may sound weird but this is the first one I’d entered since the last time I’d won and look what happened! I don’t care that much though, I more excited than anything else. I’ve loved Laura’s knits since I first saw them and I’m over the moon to be getting one.  You really should go check out her shop, and her blogs. They were among the first ones I ever started following and really are not-to-be-missed. Plus she’ll be having another giveaway in a couple of months and you wouldn’t want to miss out!


Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre} said...

Awww! So sweet! I'm THRILLED to send you a scarf. It makes me so happy that people want things I make! I can't even tell you...
I also can't thank you enough for saying such lovely things here. It really brightens my day. Don't forget to send me your address when you get the chance so I can mail it off to you.
Your first picture here is just perfection. I am really longing for snow and may just have to gaze at it for a while... So sorry to here about your cooking woes. I know how that goes. I love to make huge grand plans that often involve attempting to make/do something I have never done. Sometimes it works and sometimes it ends in a tear or two. Speaking of, I am about to attempt making caramels for the 1st time... yikes!
Merry merry Christmas and Holidays to you! I can't wait to send send you your package!

JJ Beazley said...

This is a reluctant comment...

Good bakers are bloody brilliant.

The picture is rather good, and that's from an ex-pro landscape photographer.

I love scarves, but people don't give me prizes.

How do you manage to be so likeable, Roisin? You yell at me, but even I still like you, for heaven's sake!

How could anybody not like you? Must be that Irish accent you write in.

I think the early winter is addling my brain. Or it could be the Bells that's on special offer at Sainsbury's.

Kathy said...

Hidy HO, Missy. You KNOW I'd be all over the broken glass/stained glass cookies!! I just hate when you put all that time and energy into something and it turns out to be a disappointment. You know, since you mentioned the song The Fairytale of New York I've heard it 3 times now! I honestly don't ever remember hearing it before this year! A new favorite for me. - Cheers to you!!


faerwillow said...

~good morning my dear sweet firend...thank you so for sharing this artist with us and congrats on your beautiful gift!!! happy belated solstice to you and yours...thank you so for your sweet sweet words you have left for has been nothing but a wonderful journey getting to know you this past year and i very much look forward to the days ahead...such a blessings you are to each of us here...i am so sorry to hear about your cookies...i think we have all shared in such baking events...we just tried a new fudge recipes and to say the least you need a spoon to eat it!!! hehehe...well my dear friend...warm holiday wishes and brightest blessings upon you always~

Ceci said...

Ahh, no worries. I too have been tricked into baking stained glass cookies in the past. "Use jolly ranchers!" the recipe said. And so I unwrapped the candies and attempted to smash them, with a hammer, a rock, a 50 lb anvil! (Their indestructible nature should have been a hint that it wasn't going well.)
Then I spent hours trying to peel the candy-filled cookies off of the parchment paper after baking. Only to realise, of course, that they are inedible.

Also, your snow picture is beautiful. We don't have any snow here, so thanks for sharing a bit of yours!

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