Friday, March 4, 2011

Couture Cutlery

I take no credit for today’s find whatsoever, all I did was open an email from a friend and follow the link to the loveliness. (Thanks Roxanna!) In fact, after having had a right nosy thorough the masses and masses of said lovelines I realised I’d already briefly encountered the work of The Hairy Growler over at a certain fairytale blog of inspiration. So no doubt a lot of you did too. 

No matter, though, for even if you have already come across Mr Growler’s stunning recycled silversmithing over at Ruthie’s place another wee run over to his webpage wouldn’t do any harm. Due to the one-off nature of his pieces the site is constantly updated, so much so that regular visitors are encouraged to refresh their browsers so they don’t miss anything. And for those of you who, like myself, are only properly discovering his wonderful work now then I strongly recommend checking it out. So many pretty things to ‘ooo’ and ‘ahh’ at!

Made entirely from recycled Victorian tableware and pre-1919 silver coins, every single piece in each of the many collections is as beautiful as it is unique. The Hairy Growler claims to bring “the magic of myth” and “the twinkle of nature” to his jewellery design, and he’s certainly not exaggerating. The man’s a magician, just look at what he can do with spoons! 


Faerie Sage said...

Ya I have seen some of this work before, it's just so amazing! it never ceases to amaze me how much talent and how many amazing wonderful things can be discovered on etsy!
Blessing and thanks for sharing!

Anthropomorphica said...

The most celtic-ly wonderful cutlery ;)

Heathen said...

Oh my goodness! This stuff is awesome...a bit out of my price range though. I haven't seen this before so thank you for sharing!

Jeanne said...

OMG!!!! So many enchanting things!
It's a wonder my keyboard stills works with all the drool that dripped down on it while I looked longingly over the collections ~ and made from recycled tableware. Most awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - this is amazing!!! Thanks for the link, Róisín!
Happy weekend,

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Darling what fun! thanks! Blessings.

ruthie said...

hee hee, thank you for that wee mention Roisin. But oh my, Mr Growlers work is so worth passing the word about on! I must admit i fell well and truly under his spell & saved my pennies enought to be able to buy my very own hare necklace! I will be posting about it very soon, it is so stunning, and his attention to detail is amazing. I love too that he recycles. Have a fab week sweetie x x x

KY Warrior Librarian said...

Lovely bit of recycling going on there. Love it.

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