Saturday, August 27, 2011

Days of happy nothingness.

the path under the sky
Seventeen days - that has to be a new uselessness record from me. Where-oh-where has the time been slipping away to… Ok, better not continue with that train of thought or I’ll end up sounding like my granny. So people, how the hell have you all been doing? I wish I had lots of riveting tales of adventure and excitement to fill you in on, but to be honest it feels like about five seconds since I last checked in here. I’ve literally been doing nothing. It’s been good nothing, though.

Anyway, to make up for my current bout of blog neglect I’m planning a little something for the week ahead. Yup folks, I’m going to host my first ever giveaway! It’s about time really, I’ve won so many lovely things from much-too-kind bloggers over the past while it’s about time I reciprocated the love. More details on that in the next couple of days. For now I’m going to leave you with some images from one of my favourite photographers on the net, LA gal Brooke Shaden.  Find many, many more of her hauntingly beautiful pictures here.

the world above
finding the road to neverland
the buoyancy in drowning
losing power in the wind

p.s. I forgot to mention that I’ve recently succumbed to the ways of the modern world and finally got myself a Twitter account. My user name is @Child_of_Danu, I’m in much need of new people to follow so stop by and say hello!


Kathy said...

Hidy-Ho there!! So nice to see you. Love these photos. I'll have to go and check her out. Hope you're doing something insanely fun this weekend.
Can't wait to see what you're giving away! - Kathy

JJ Beazley said...

Thank you, Roisin. Somebody posting pictures of beautiful women decently dressed. How delightfully refreshing. And I don't mean that in a moralistic way. As if.

Twitter looks too much like hard work to me. And you have to talk to all comers. What do you do if you find you'd only give house room to 1% of them?

JJ Beazley said...

By the way, is NicLochlainn the Irish, feminine version of McLaughlain?

Cher' Shots said...

I agree, I love her pictures! And I love the greeting cards! lol
'hugs from afar'

Donna~Q~ said...

What inspiring photography ~ thanks for posting the link! The first pic totally sums up the scene here at the moment, as Hurricane Irene is dishing out the wind and water in a rather wild way...

Glad to see you dropping by to blogland, and look forward to more of your posts :~)

Lynn said...

Wonderful pictures - I'll be sure to check out her website.

"Days of happy nothingness" is an absolutely perfect title for these times which we all need from time to time to recharge and let things percolate. Lovely!

mademoiselle G said...

These photos are stunning, wondering how she made the one with the yellow dress, beautiful! And can't wait until your blog giveaway he he :-)

Autumn Alchemy said...

Thanks for introducing us to this photographer, beautiful fairytale stuff!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Have been well... hope you are, too! Three older kids off to first day of school, today. It turned hot for it, silly, weather. geesh. I saw a friend and had a lovely day with my littlest. Just thinking of sprinkling faerydust your way and hoping you are grand! Blessings, dear heart.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

These photos are absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing them. I am following you now on twitter. :) I often tweet about my work - and those of others - so it might be boring to you. But I am happy to build up your follower base. :) Happy weekend to you!

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