Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Internet should come with a breathalyser

Following on from that oh-so-cringesome  theme of my last post, I have a wee confession to make today – I didn’t remember that I’d actually written it until I came on here this morning!  That’s sounds really bad, doesn’t it? Hear me out: I’ve been insanely busy at work this past while; long gone are the days were the weekends were for anything other than sleeping for 15 hours at a time, with beer being replaced by copious amounts of tea and books. It’s not exactly rock’n’roll, but that’s how I like it. (I’m an auld woman now, you know.)

It’s not that I was ever the biggest drinker in the world, but these days I can really see where that old cliché about getting drunk at the smell of alcohol comes from. I’m totally and utterly useless! So you can imagine what I was like last Saturday when I went on my friend’s hen night, of all things. I knew I was out of practice, as they say, so I was pacing myself and trying my best to take it easy. In fact, if you had asked me at the end of the night I would’ve told you I was totally sober , it wasn’t until the next morning that I realised I’d been away with the fairies! And then to come on here today with the intention of making my first post in months, only for the cold realisation to hit me that I’d been on that night… Well, let’s just say it was unsettling. I completely remember writing it now (I wasn’t that bad), but still. I suppose it could’ve been worse, I could’ve done one of those soppy ‘I love you guys’ posts like I’ve been guilty of in the past. 

Anyway, I’m not quite sure why I’m even drawing attention to it since I’m a tad embarrassed by the whole thing and should really just let it pass and hope no one noticed. I think it’s a compulsion of mine to point out things that I really should try to cover up. I also wanted to explain why I’d wasted both yours and my own time with yet another one of those whiney ‘I’m sorry I’ve not posted anything in ages’ tirades, put it behind me, and resume with regular ‘normal’ blogging. I’ve a post lined up for this afternoon and everything! 

By the way, the image I’ve used with this post (and the last couple) is a page from my digital art journal, which I’ve not been updating as much as I’d like but which I’ve not totally abandoned. I’d just thought I’d point that out because it’s the type of thing I used to blog about before I got in the habit of making these pointless posts. This is the last of them, promise. Expect a return to the randomness of old, whether it’s some silliness that’s been on my mind or some loveliness I’ve encountered online.  


Simon Fallaha said...

Hey, miss... Two cents for your thoughts. Sometimes, the most endearing musings can be the most random, the ones you don't expect to write... a lesson that my good self hasn't heeded often enough!

That, and who needs beer? Tea is definitely the way forward... it keeps us journos on the go, and doesn't leave us with wobbly heads!

(Speaking of wobbly, I felt the Peace Bridge wobble last night for the first time since it opened... just when you thought it was safe and all that, lol!)

Anyway. Your pictures are here again, they're as easy on the eye as ever, and that's all that matters. Looking forward to hearing more from you, as always...

Róisín said...

Aw, thanks Simon! I've another wee post coming up now that I think you might enjoy ;)
As for the Peace Bridge, I'd say that was just the amount of people using it! These things are supposed to sway a little, don't worry. How was the concert? I'd a friend who was working on sound and he had some amazing shots of the crowd taken from the stage. Looked amazing!

Simon Fallaha said...

It did indeed... I know for sure that around 9,000 showed up for the Legenderry Concert on Thursday! There looked to be roughly the same amount of people, if not more, at the Clipper Connections Concert the following day.

Re: the concerts themselves, the first one had the better music, but the second one arguably had a better atmosphere. The biggest surprise I got was finding our friends Lorna, Karen and Joleen backstage on the Friday night! I'd clean forgotten Karen's husband was one of the performers...

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