Thursday, June 17, 2010

Music From the Mind of Fairies

Hello folks. Hope you’re all having a lovely day. I am, although I’m still coming to terms with the fact that it’s THURSDAY! How time flies when the sun is shining. I’ve noticed this whole summer carry on isn’t very conducive to blogging, at least for me anyway. I remember not too long ago I was posting daily and now look- only two in the past week! Disgraceful. No doubt it’ll be raining again soon though and, as much as some people might sniff at this, I’ll actually be glad to see it. I think I may have mentioned this once or twice, but I’m not a summer person. That said, I still feel obliged to get out for my annual dose of vitamin D.

Anyway, I’m here now and I did plan on doing one of my regular ‘look at the all the lovely things I found on Etsy’ posts. I have, however, been a bad blogger lately and haven’t had a good wee nosy round everyone’s sites in a while. I’m itching to go a wandering so one, albeit pretty darn cool, find will have to suffice for today I’m afraid. It’s an M.M.M.M (Mab's Minded Music Maker) from Nefaerieous.

What’s an M.M.M.M you say? Well, em... I think I’ll let the seller explain:
“It is a rarely known fact that the Mab Fairy, also known commonly as the madness faerie, or by it's Latin name Furiae Mediocris, both receives and is able to transmit radio waves from its brain. Having harvested this marvel of nature in our work of Faerie Preservation as we believe no part should be wasted; we have built a device best suited to put full use of natures finery.

“It has also be discovered, that the Mab's encephalons itself works as a noise storage device and can be used to access music and other sounds which the Faerie had been exposed to prior to it's preservation. This being realized, we have placed a number of encephalons in the transference chamber, to insure the most popular in musical selections."
Any clearer? Thought so. Actually in layman’s terms it’s a rebuilt 1956 radio that’s been rewired to also work as speakers for any device that uses headphones. It’s coin operated and even has a “brain jar” that lights up. Now isn’t that just the most delightful iPod docking station you’ve ever laid eyes on?


TheBlakkDuchess said...

This is so cool... I'm drooling all over my keyboard (not such a good thing...), but this is so wonderful that I can't help but want one! =D

Róisín said...

I want one too! I wouldn't even care if it didn't do anything, it'd be great just sitting on a shelf. Glad you liked it as much as me!

Anthropomorphica said...

Thanks for sharing this one, I love those making the mundane magic again ;)

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