Friday, June 25, 2010

Ten Orange Things I Love

A while ago I visited The Hanging Garden where I left a comment on a wonderful little post regarding the colour white. Being the scatter brain that I am I completely forgot about it. That happens more often than I’d like; there are days when I go on commenting splurges and it can be hard to keep note of where I’ve been. Anyway, this instance was a little different because by leaving a comment I was entering into a quirky wee challenge.

You see the lovely Byrony set me the task of finding ten orange things I love, just as she herself had done with shades of white. I only today returned to find what colour I’d been given, and at first I thought orange would be a tough one. When I sat down, though, and put my thinking cap on I realised that it’s a great colour! So here you have it, rather later than planned, ten images of orangey loveliness. Oh, and in the spirit of things, leave a comment if you want to be assigned your own colour!

Ginger Cats

Autumn Leaves

Marmalade On Toast

Harvest Moons

Blood Oranges

Red Hair

Evening Skies

Mushrooms and Toadstools

This Fantastic Peach House

An Madra Rua 


TheBlakkDuchess said...

What a fun wee challenge! ^-^

I breathlessly await your color choice! =D

Your poker nights sound like they were a blast! I'm excited to have something fun & relaxing to do with people every other week.

Yes, absinthe tends to lead to doing other things than what one set out to do... lol... ^-^

Hope you & your friends are able to get together sooner than xmas & I hope you all have a ton of fun. ^-^

Róisín said...

Yipee! I think for you the colour just has to be green. Enjoy your teaparty today and I look forward to seeing what green loveliness you come up with!

Tuesday Kid said...

I'm very happy the Orange Order aren't on your list.

Róisín said...

lol How could I have forgotten to include them? I will say this- I do enjoy the aul pipe bands. But no, the Order aren't exactly my cup of tea :) Do you want a colour? I think I'll give you blue because it matches your page. I notice you don't use many pictures on your blog, but you could still make a list of your top ten blue things. Only if you like.

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

A pleasure to meet you Roisin...I just had to pop in to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your thoughts tonight and plan to follow a couple of your links before I turn out the last lamplight of the day.
Lately, rainbows have been over the horizon in my corner of the woods, so I am delighted to see you are calling it's colors!
love, Rose

M.M.E. said...

This is such a great idea. It really makes you stop and think about what you find beautiful in this world. I love the ginger cat and the fox.

Róisín said...

Rose- A pleasure to meet you too, and thanks for stopping by! I love your blogs, so much fairy beauty to be found on both :) If you want to play along then I think I'll have to give you red for our namesake (Roisin's the Gaelic for Rose).

Megan- Hi there! I agree- about the cat and fox, and about it being a great idea. I never realised there were so many orange things I loved until Byrony gave me the colour. I found it hard narrowing it down to ten! Would you like a colour? How does yellow sound?

Bryony said...

Wonderful choices!
Thank you for playing :)

TheAmazingFoxworthBlog said...

No Marco Van Basten of Johan Cryuff??? For shame :-)

Róisín said...

Declan, my name's not Barry. If you want a colour then you can have orange- that way you can just put up the Ajax team of '95 (most of them were Dutch, right?).

m.fay said...

lovely post! happy to find your blog, it's darling.


hope you stop by and say hello.

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