Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The End of Summer...

...the beginning of autumn. Yippee! This time of year always feels like a new beginning for me. I suppose it does for everyone, what with new school terms, football seasons etc. In fact, that probably explains why my lack of progress in the employment area has been getting me so down recently; I feel really rather lost and useless having no solid work to be returning to. *sigh* But enough about that, I’m not here to moan. I’m here to usher in my favourite season!

I know I’m not alone in Blogland when I say I’m in love with autumn. I mean actually in love. The reasons why are many and varied, but I think what stands out the most is the way you can literally see the wheel of the world turn. And so quickly. Just a couple of days ago the sun was splitting the rocks here, people were swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the beach.  I was wearing a tee-shirt. Then it started to rain on Sunday and the wind picked up. Last night we put the heating on and today I wore my winter coat for the first time. The change is in the air and I’m so excited!

I hope to be a better autumn blogger than I was a summer one. If I’m honest I have been quite lazy with my posting and commenting over the past couple of months. I only realised how bad as I was looking through my photos yesterday and remembered about all the ones from various days out and stuff that I never got round to sharing. So many posts that I put off till another day then forgot to come back to. That’s why I’m sharing these ones from my wanderings over the past week now while they’re still relevant. The trees haven’t yet started to turn here but toadstools are sprouting, flowers are wilting and berries ripening; little glimpses of the coming season with all its wonders of decay and rebirth. 

p.s Just a warning: I didn’t have a camera or a blog last autumn and so don’t be surprised if I go a bit mad with the fungi photos over the next wee while. I just hope I can hunt down the same amazing specimens I  came across last year!


TheBlakkDuchess said...

What awesome photos! =D
And I, for one, will never tire of fungus photos... I simply adore mushrooms! ^-^

Can't wait to see more Autumn pics! ^-^


Romantic Heroine said...

I'm in love with autumn, too. For me, it's the best season at all. some people can't understand it. they have no idea ;)

renilde said...

I like the deep rich autumn colours ,that special earthy smell.
Your photoos are beautiful and I'm looking forward to more!!

JJ Beazley said...

Must admit, my feelings about autumn are ambivalent. I tend to be at my lowest in Nov/Dec. I understand the other side too, of course.

I read a blog from Estonia. She hates atumn because it's the precursor of a time when it's almost interminably dark up there. I gather that winter brings a lot of depression around the Baltic.

I try to keep a sense of the positive though. All parts of the cycle have their good aspects.

Kathy said...

Well, I love autumn too. I just detest winter. Could we please bounce from spring to summer to autumn to spring and bypass winter? I'd enjoy that. You wore your winter coat for the first time....le sigh...

:o) Have a wonderful day!!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Keep 'em coming please!!!
I love fall too - the aspen leaves are thinking about changing, so I'll be posting some pics from my corner of the world (funny that a round world has corners) soon!
Have a wonderful day,

TheAmazingFoxworthBlog said...

Those photos are really awesome Róisín!!! Can't wait to see you bring on all the autumn changes photographically!!!

On another note - do you know why was the mushroom always invited to lot of random parties?

It's cos he was a funghi to be around :-)

#leaves again#

Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre} said...

Wonderful photos! I love pictures of mushrooms and feel inspired to go out mushroom photo hunting too. I always wanted to be one of those woodsey people that knew where and how to collect the finest fungi. It is so varied in this area though, that one is more likely to end up sick, stoned or dead. haha.
I also am so with you on the unemployment thing. I can't help but think that the only thing worse than no job, is having a miserable job. (something like my last one) sigh... I'm trying very hard to live in the moment and not worry so much about the future. Fall always inspires creativity for me, so I'm optimistic great things are awaiting!

Karolina said...

I love love the mushroom photos!


Róisín said...

Aw, thanks for all the lovely comments. (Except you Declan, you deserve another slap for that joke :)) Glad you all liked the mushroom photos 'cause I plan to get many more! Thanks for calling in and have a lovely day.
Roisin x

Anthropomorphica said...

Beautiful images Roisin :) I love autumn and its very special magic. Looking forward to more fungi :)

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