Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Storybook Style

If you’re a regular at this blog you’ll know I have a tendency to fantasise about quirky cottages and fairytale homes. So I won’t need to tell you how excited I am about a certain web project I stumbled upon this afternoon called The first image I came across was enough to get me going, and that was before I read the introductory paragraph:

“This page is devoted to the appreciation of what has come to be called storybook style architecture: those charming, whimsical, often one-of-a-kind structures which defy and transcend standard architectural conventions to achieve something entirely new: a unique blend of art and architecture, whimsy and practicality, fantasy and reality.”

How excellent does that sound! The site’s still somewhat in construction mode at the minute but I think it has the potential to be amazing. They author, John R Marlow, has put out a call for contributions  and is asking people who know of any storybook homes to send in their images and descriptions.  He eventually hopes to build up an online collection of such buildings that will detail their history, construction and anything else that may be of interest. So get out there and get snapping! His contact details are on the website. In the meantime, here are a few wee examples of the type of thing he’s after:


Romantic Heroine said...

oh, I want to move in immediately! so lovely

Gypsea Tree said...

Love it! My guy and I were just walking past a strange house the other day and I turned to him and said, "That looks just like a house were a mean old witch who eats children would live." He looked at me like I was crazy, but once again there is a fabulous group of people found via internet who share my quirky musings. This looks like it could be grand indeed!

D.Suplicki said...

When can I move into the first one?? It's absolutely my dream home!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating new site and as I do not live in a house, I can more easily pretend this way :) Thanks for visiting Roisin, the Fürsts are happy to make new friends.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

These are my dream homes! =D

Thank you for your thoughts & kind words. *hugs*

Hope you are having a wonderful day!



WOL said...

I doubt if any of you have ever heard of this fellow, but I thought I'd turn you onto him all the same. You may have seen some of his album art, but here's some of his architecture. I don't know about "fairy tale" but I think it's lovely.

Róisín said...

It's nice to see there's others out there who share my dream :) There's a tv show on BBC that I never miss called 'Escape to the Country' and they've always got the most amazing witchy, fairytale cottages on- I never miss it!

p.s WOL, thanks for stopping by- it's lovely to meet you :) Must go check out Mr Dean now when I get a chance. Thanks for the link!

p.p.s Laura, you should take a pic of that house and send to the site!

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