Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Quick One

Alice Daisies

This post has absolutely no point or purpose other than to appease my own guilt at not having called in since my last post, which was equally short but included a vow to return with a more substantial one the next day. So this evening I’m not going to promise an imaginary post that may never materialise, though the chances are very high that I will be back tomorrow with something a wee bit more interesting than my own inane babbling.

I realise I’m not under any obligation to blog everyday or anything, but I can’t help feeling like a slacker when I don’t. And I hate making promises and not keeping them! I did have an unexpectedly busier than usual week, though, and then we had visitors staying all weekend, and now it’s Monday again it seems like I didn’t actually get anything done for all my flustering about last week and I’ve got even more nonsense to sort out than I did before. Argh! The needs of the bureaucracy are expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy and all that carry on.

On another note, it looks like spring is finally here! Which, of course, means that every speck of dust in the house is jumping out at me screaming to get put on top of my to-do list. Will it ever end? Ah, I suppose I could have worse things to worry about than a dirty house. At least I have a house to live in! Though if I don’t get back to these forms that might not last for long… Nah, I jest. Still, I really should get back to it. Hope you’re all well folks and have a lovely evening!


Heathen said...

I love this photo! And you're are under no obligation to post something every day. Or even every week for that matter. Enjoy your life, blog when you can.

JJ Beazley said...

Careful what you say about spring, Roisin. Three years ago we had all the snow in March and April.

mirsini's creations said...

Hellooooo Roisin!
I agree with Heathen! Enjoy your life and whenever you can spread your magic to us!
Kiseeeeees!! :>

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