Monday, February 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Tea and Books II
Some of my not-so-guilty pleasures :)
One of the main reasons I’ve been neglecting blogging so much recently is, put simply, guilt. It might sound mad but I feel guilty because I love it so much; I love writing posts about pointless things, I love wandering the web hunting for arty treasure to share, and I love catching up with all my blogging buddies. Lately, though, every time I sit down to do any of the above I’m overcome with self-reproach and an overwhelming sense that I should be doing something more ‘constructive’.

For fear of sounding melodramatic, I’ve been feeling rather panicky of late regarding my ‘direction’ and all that carry on. I’m fully aware that we’ve been going though the worst recession for generations, and I am accepting of the fact that I’ve had health issues hampering my quest, but I just can’t help shake this gloomy frustration at my faltering career. ‘Career’? I hate people who whine about their ‘career’! And I do  feel terrible even complaining about it because I realise I have it so much better than BILLIONS of other people and I have no right to moan whatsoever. I’m only mentioning it because this frustration is at the root of my guilt - I feel I always could be applying for another job instead spending time blogging.

Anyhow!  I came to a realisation this evening while taking a break from yet another siege of applications. I’d gone down for a cup of tea and decided to watch some TV to relax. I love films but except from a select few shows I don’t usually watch much telly. I usually read, write or play around with my photos to unwind but, with my head a bit fried from all the ‘hire me I’m great’ begging letters to newspapers and press offices and the like, tonight I felt I needed something a little more mindless. And so I found myself watching Eastenders, the most depressing of all the British soaps (which are all pretty darn depressing to be honest). That’s when it occurred to me that blogging is ‘constructive’!

It’s constructive in that it makes me happy, as opposed to sad, doomed and depressed which is the usual outcome of a visit to those cheery folks on Albert Square. I had been thinking that blogging had become one giant exercise in procrastination for me, but why should I see it that way and then think nothing of consigning 30 minutes of my life to soapy oblivion? I could easily had a blog post up in that time and I would’ve felt so much better for it! Why should I feel guilty about something just because I enjoy it?  From here on I’m turning over a new blogging leaf, folks. This post aside, there’ll be no more moaning and nearly week-long absences. I’m going to strive to find you all the most frivolous fanciful things I can and I’m not going to feel one iota of shame at doing so. See you all again soon!

Oh, and because I hate posts without imagery, here are some more of my not quite relevant photos. Just a few of my favourite things: tea, books and taking pictures :) 

Tea and Books I
I Love Old Books
Book Tower II


JJ Beazley said...

If ever I get down to watching soaps, Roisin - British or otherwise, but especially Eastenders - I think I shall be beyond everything but the final curtain.

Well realised.

Heathen said...

I love this post Roisin...good for you! Sometimes we need to just do the things we love in order to keep striving forward. Without the things we love, what's the point?

Kathy said...

First off, those pictures? They are great. Wonderful! Love the one stacked up to the ceiling. Have you thought about selling them? I've seen a lot of photos in Etsy shops not nearly as nice as the ones you just displayed. Secondly, you shouldn't feel guilty for something that makes you happy and isn't hurting anyone. That's my motto and I'm sticking to it! Again - love those book pictures...

Cheers and keep smiling.


Anonymous said...


I'm about to quote you a passage from one of my favorite books (The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo), and it's something that I try to keep in mind as much as possible:

"I would like it very much if you thought of me as a mouse telling you a story, this story, with the whole of my heart, whispering it in your ear in order to save myself from the darkness, and to save you from the darkness, too. 'Stories are light,' Gregory the jailer told Despereaux. Reader, I hope you have found some light here."

Roisin, it's good that you have a new outlook on blogging, because you are telling us your story. And what a wonderful one that is.

Kat_RN said...

I also love having a good book, a cup of tea, and my camera close at hand.
As for East Enders, even that has its redeeming qualities. I watched it a few times when we lived in the UK, it always made my life, and my neighbors seem much nicer.
Hope your new resolve holds, I enjoy your blog.

Róisín said...

Ha ha! Kat, that's so funny you say that - I read JJ's comment first and before I read your's I was going to respond to him saying something along those lines. I honestly think that's why people watch those shows, so they can feel better about their own lives. And if that's the point then it certainly works!

Heathen - you are so right. In fact, you just summed up in a sentence what I was trying but failing to say the whole post through! :)

Kathy - thank you so much, you really are too kind! I've never really given much thoughts to selling my photos, wouldn't really know where to start but mainly because I don't think they're near good enough. Thank you for the encouragment though, I'll never sniff and such a great confidence boost!

Cymru - I think that has to be one of the loveliest comments anyone's ever left on my blog! Thank you, it's such a beautiful quote. I've never read the book but if I'll be keeping an eye out for it now :) Also, and I've meant to ask you this before, do you have a blog or website? I like to call round to people after they've commented here but there's no links when I click on your name :(

Anonymous said...


Oh, you must read that book. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I'm actually in the process of designing my first blog. But it won't be ready for at least two months, as I plan for it to mainly feature short stories that I'll be writing only for the blog. So I need time to write a whole mess of stories. It's a little daunting. I've been writing on and off for the last few years, nothing professional or anything, mostly for myself. But I hope I can share some decent stories with everyone. I'll let you know when its ready. I'm actually quite excited to become a part of the blogging commonwealth!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you've come to the conclusions you've come to! =D

I love blogging for the same reasons... it just makes me ridiculously happy! ^-^

And I'm positively drooling over those pics... I am in love with old books... and tea... I can spend ages in used book stores, happily lost amongst the towering shelves of aging paper... sigh... ^-^

I love how old books smell, how they feel in my hands & how they look... I just love everything about them! ^-^

I'm happy you like my dear goblin! The missus & I are doing quite well & thank you so much for the birthday wishes! ^-^

Hope you're having a wonderful week so far! ^-^


eimear brennan said...

love the images, roisin.
so much easier to read when there are pictures and so much more inviting!

Jeanne said...

There's nothing wrong with doing what we enjoy - even if it is spending hours at the computer oohing and ahhing over the marvelous wonders to be found in that strange box. I say it is my mental health getaway...LOL

Love all the photos of the books. They are all so worn and well loved.

Good luck on the career.

mirsini's creations said...

Hey, Roisin!
You are one of my favourites! I really love this post cause you speak from my mind! For me you are great!!!
I'm ready to trip on your new blogging leaf my friend! You are synchronised with spring!!! :D
Have a lovely month and good luck in your search for a job!
Kisseeeees!! :)

p.s: Really nice photos!!!!!

Della said...

There are certainly worse things you can do besides blogging :) and here at least, you make your own rules to a great extent, you're your own boss. Enjoy it while you can, Roisin, if I could put more time into it I would but there are just too many other demands..

Anthropomorphica said...

Yummy, yummy old books and tea! Infinitely better to be acting on your own creative impulses than imbibing such depressing drivel. I always look forward to a good read here Roisin, keep it up!

Donna~Q~ said...

Hello Roisin! "tea, books and taking pictures" ~ I'll happily join you in that ~ those are a few of my favorite things as well :~)

Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful blog, especially fairy's part. i think, you must be a fairy too ^^)v

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