Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Japanese Animation

A few months back I posted a couple of short Japanese animations from a show called Digital Stadium on news channel NHK World. At the time there were so many I wanted to put up that I meant to publish a few more posts with a few more videos. Naturally, I forgot. Well, until about five minutes ago. So here are a couple more for your consideration. Again, due to the language barrier, I can’t tell you who they’re by or what they’re called but if you speak Japanese I’m sure it tells you on them somewhere.

I like to think of this first one as a dramatisation of what would happen if Sadako from the Ring trilogy and Link from the Legend of Zelda got together (at least for the first half of it).

And this second one, which is especially lovely, reminds me in places of that Studio Ghibli classic Princess Mononoke (one of my most favouritest films ever).

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