Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Familiar Story

Now I like to think of myself as a pretty level headed person. I might wax on about fairies and fantasy, full moons and flowers, but generally I know the difference between imagination and reality. And when it comes to matters of the soul I like to keep my mind open. I do not follow any religion nor ascribe to any doctrine, though I do contemplate the spiritual from time to time.

I also like cats. I remember once doing a church gate collection for charity. It was at a late mass in a country chapel one winter. Lucky old me was stuck up at the back entrance. Right by the graves. In the dark. On my own. When a little moggy came along I thought ‘great, a wee bit of company’, but from there things just got spookier.

You see, the cat was more interested in the graves than in me. Two graves in particular, that weren’t even close by each other. I watched it move between the pair, stopping at each one for a while before returning to the other. It was as if it was relaying messages, or paying respect. Something. After my stand was over I went and investigated. Guess what- the dates of death on both headstones were the same year and the ages close. Both were men. Buddies, perhaps?

Anyway, I just thought that an interesting little anecdote to introduce the following article about a cat with an uncanny ability. It’s a fascinating story.

Doctor casts new light on cat that can predict death

SYDNEY (Reuters) - When doctors and staff realized that a cat living in a U.S. nursing home could sense when someone was going to die, the feline, Oscar, was portrayed as a furry grim reaper or four-legged angel of death. Read More

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