Saturday, October 16, 2010


Attention partiers! 
My post is taking a little longer than anticipated; I've a few pesky gremlins conspiring against me this evening. Festivities will hopefully commence within the next couple of hours (around 10pm GMT).
See ya'll then!


Anthropomorphica said...

Hi Roisin, they got me too! Messed up Gertrude's hair something awful and she wouldn't start until I'd teased it out. She can't help it she's still part human :)
Can't wait for the ball, see you at 10pm!!

Róisín said...

Ah, just got it done! It didn't really turn out like I'd intended but sure feck it. I'm not going back to it now, I'm too excited about getting out into Blogland- and the first place I'm heading is your gaff! Canny wait! said...

Excellent excellent post!! I loved every morsel of it, so much in fact, that I saved it to my faves ;)

If I was having a wedding, I would want it to be just this way. Enchanted and spooky and dreamy in a sligtly dark way... Mysterious!!

Thank you so much for sharing your magic!!

♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

Róisín said...

Thank YOU Vanessa, for your lovely comment but even more so for hosting such a superly amazing get together! Seriously, it was too much fun! It was my first time attending one of your fabled parties and you count me in right now for anything else you've planned in the future. You are a credit to Blogland missus. Thanks again!

Roisin x

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