Monday, November 15, 2010

Bottled Beauty

Hello Blogland. Hope this evening finds you all well. If not, I have a very special treat for anyone needing a sprinkle of loveliness to alleviate those Monday blues.  It’s only a little link, though I urge not to pass it by my friends, for it is indeed a magical link. A link which will, upon clicking, transport you from the banality of ordinary life to an enchanted faery world of whimsy and wonder. The world of Bottle Bell.

My love affair with this captivating corner of the web began not too long ago when I first encountered the beautiful fine art photography of Ashley Lebedev on Flickr. I was already enthralled even before I stumbled upon her official site. Ms Lebedev’s work is simply stunning, the perfect fusion of vintage-tinged daydreams and soulful talent. It had me floored when I initially came across her photostream. And then I found Bottle Bell…

I don’t even know where to begin describing the joy this webpage brings me, it’s almost too lovely for words. It’s like the prettiest storybook from a bygone era that never was, brought to life for the digital age. Hauntingly beautiful melodies soothe the mind as one wanders through wonderfully named galleries such as ‘Faerieland’ and ‘Forgotten’, where the artistry more than lives up to the whimsical window dressing.  It’s a haven of fae and flowers to which I’ve found myself returning whenever I’m a feeling a bit frazzled or stressed recently. A true little sanctuary in cyberspace. Really, do spin by for a visit yourselves. I promise you’ll be as captivated as I was!

p.s Make sure you read the ‘about’ section to find out the story behind the name ‘Bottle Bell’. It really makes the whole thing all the more charming! Oh, and also, Ms Lebedev is on blogger too if you want to call over and say hello.


Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre} said...

So beautiful and surreal!
Thank you for sharing this site.
Thank you for your comment. I am starting a "proper" job next week, which is great, but somehow ill-times since I just got the Etsy shop off the ground and this is really the small window of time where it needs to shine. Ahh well, a regular paycheck will be welcome indeed!
How about yourself?

Kathy said...

Absolutely mesmerizing. It reminds me a little of this site -
It's digital work not photographs. I just love this look. I could sit all day and look at this website you posted. You find the best stuff!


Heathen said...

Very nice...her work is astonishing! Thanks you so much for sharing this little gem.

Jeanne said...

Breathtaking! Like stepping into another world. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Oh my... I can't wait to go take a look... I can hear the lovely music box music now... so beautiful... Thank you for sharing this bit of magic with us! ^-^

And yes, you may of course come live with me! =D

I shall cook & bake & feed you. ^-^

And we shall have tea parties. ^-^

And if you'd like to do the dishes, I would never tell you no... lolz...


Róisín said...

Glad you all liked it as much as me! It really is a lovely wee site, isn't it? Well folks, hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

KY Warrior Librarian said...

I absolutely adored this site. I agree with the others, you find the BEST stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Allegra said...

Your description of Ashley's work is so true and spot-on! I have fallen in love with it myself. So inspiring and magical!

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