Sunday, March 14, 2010

Magical Macedonia

Those photos I put up yesterday look so drab, I do realise that. But it was a drab sort of day! Anyway, as an antidote take a look at these images of crystal clear perfection. I can feel the cool air fill my lungs just looking at them.

They belong to my little brother. He packed his bags and moved to Macedonia last month and as far as I know these pics were taken near the capital Struga. I’m so happy ‘cause he’s having a wonderful time. And that country looks stunning.

I think John’s planning on starting his own blog to share his photos and happenings and whenever he does I’ll post a link to it here.

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Róisín said...


I am aware that Struga is not the capital of Macedonia. That was what they call a ‘mistake’. For all those less intelligent and wikipedia-friendly persons- take it from my super smart self: the capital of this fine county is, in fact, Skopje.

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