Monday, March 22, 2010

You Are Now Free to Comment

Ruthie from A Fairy Tale of Inspiration has informed me that my comments aren’t working. Or rather that they weren’t working, I think I’ve fixed them now. I’m not sure if they were ever working and if it wasn’t for Ruthie I would’ve never known. So thank you! Oh, and I would just like state that I think you have one of the most beautiful blogs on the web.

I would also like to thank Antonio Alvarez Gordillo for becoming my fifth follower! Antonio is a painter and illustrator and although his site is in Spanish the images speak for themselves (and, of course, the page is easily translated). Here's a wee sample from his gallery:


antonio alvarez gordillo said...

Gracias por hacer una referencia a mi trabajo en tu blog.
Un saludo desde España.

ruthie said...

yay, i can comment now. I love the work of antonio, wonderful style. Love your blog too & thank you for liking mine x x heres to happy wanderings around lovely blogs hee hee x

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