Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Someday Soon

Dunno if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve got in a bit of a habit of tinkering with the background and buttons and stuff on this blog. I decided one day that I wanted a new background and couldn’t find one I liked online so decided to make my own using bits and pieces of digiscrap kits I have on my computer. It’s not been going well. I’m not exactly adept when it comes to the whole digital designing carryon (plus I don’t even have Photoshop anymore since my laptop packed in) and as a result I’m having trouble creating something that’s just right. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep trying.

Anyway, I just thought I should point out that things may keep changing round here for the next wee while. Hopefully someday soon I’ll have this place looking exactly as I want it and then I can tell my friends and fiancé about it. I feel kinda bad sometimes about not telling them but, at the same time, it’s fun having a secret!

For now though I want to show my appreciation to my newest follower. Greetings to Steam Spectre! Ms Spectre has two blogs that I love, and I’m not just saying that. Both are packed to the brim with loveliness, like the image below. Check them out here and here.

I know I’ve been filling a lot of space of late giving shout outs to my new blogger friends, but I’m always just so impressed with their blogs that I feel I have to. In fact, in my wanderings 'round blogland I’m constantly awed by the quality of the personal spaces people have carved out for themselves. I would put a blogroll in my sidebar, only it'd be so long you’d probably have to take a day off work to scroll through it. It seems that everyday I find a new blog I love. And I couldn’t just put up the ones I think are the best 'cause I’d feel too guilty leaving anyone out. Maybe that’s something I’ll sort out someday soon too.


Steam Spectre said...

Thanks for the shout out! It's so nice to be appreciated... :-)

Róisín said...

No bother missus! I wasn't just saying that either, I do really really love your blogs!

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