Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pots, For Tea

I really want to start collecting something but it occurred to me that I’ve neither the space nor the cash to make a decent go of it. No doubt my fiancé would claim I already do collect something- rubbish. He wouldn’t be half wrong either.

It doesn’t matter, however, because I’m going to win the lotto and when I do I’m buying a big period cottage in the West Country and starting a teapot collection. It’ll live at the back of the kitchen with the black and white checked floor.

I don’t mean the kind of teapots that real collectors collect, though. I like teapots to look more or less like teapots, not a country stove or Charles and Diana. Just some simple, some not so simple, but all together lovely vessels created to brew the most precious plant on god’s green earth. Like these:



And here are some links for anyone as geeky as me: 

(Subtitled ‘The Need for Teapots’, opened with the line “The story of teapots begins…”. Great Stuff.)

(A blog about teapots.)

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