Monday, July 12, 2010

I’ll put them by the pond, or the wishing well.

Found more things to add to my dream home wish list today. This time we’re in the garden, where I’ve decided these lovely, large metal sculptures by The Forgery are going to live. Oh, I can’t wait till I win the lotto so I can create my magical place; you’re all invited for a visit when I do!


Anthropomorphica said...

The faery's amazing, my hat goes off to anyone who can work well in metal. I can imagine these candle lit in your garden :)

Frances Tyrrell said...

Well now, we'll have to choose when I win the lottery too - I'll have the scrolling grapevine bench, and then come to admire your faery!

Andrea @ Andrea Reh said...

I really want the top fairy! She's gorgeous!

Stop by my blog sometime.

Andrea X

Kathy said...

Oooooooo...I love the bottom fairy that looks like she's ready to jump.

Great stuff.


Róisín said...

Anthropomorphica- That would be lovely, and the candles could keep away all the midges too :)

Frances- I think I could live with that! The bench is really lovely too though.

Andrea- I popped over and you have a lovely blog. Some pretty things on there :)

Kathy- She's great, isn't she. Their website describes her as 'life-sized' which I would've imagined being a lot smaller for a winged fairy, but then I suppose they come in all shapes and sizes! In fact, they reckon there's fairies in Ireland that are the size of real people, but they don't have wings like this. Yeats actually claims to have met one!

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