Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Journal Pages

 I’m actually really busy today and shouldn’t be on here right now but as soon as I realised this was the last day in July I had to make sure I got this post up. I couldn’t let the month pass by having posted just one journal page! So here’s another couple. I finished them a while back but never got round to sharing and I’ve a few more to finish off, but they’ll have to wait till another day. (Journaling in August may not be as alliterative but I'm sure it'll be just as fun!) Again these are quite child-like and not really very good at all, but I’m sure you’ll excuse me as I’m only a beginner. The photos make them look even messier and I’m sure if I’d time I could get better shots, but I don’t so these will do. Anyway, here’s the first:

The quote in this one says: “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” Said Yeats, who himself claimed to have met and conversed with a fairy on a West coast beach one stormy eve. I can’t remember the exact details of the tale but I know said fairy was supposedly a beautiful, life-sized woman and not a little fluttery Tinkerbell-type. How he knew she was actually a fairy I also fail to remember. I’m really going to have to look that story up again… Anyway, you know what Yeats was like. He was all into that carry on in his old age.

I think I over did it again in that last one so I tried to keep it simple here. I actually quite like this one, but it doesn’t look that good on camera. After I painted the leaves green I gave them a coat of silver paint so they shine, plus they're not stuck down to the actual page, but you can't really see that here. Oh well.


Megan said...

Hello my dear, I am so so sorry I haven't commented in a while. I will try and do so more often I promise.
Your journal is beautiful, very much so. I like the fact she is sat on some dusty old books, very sweet.
I look forward to more posts.
Stay lovely xxx

JJ Beazley said...

These are actually rather delightful, Roisin.

Did you get the Yeats quotation from The Celtic Twilight? I don't remember every word, but the book was a big influence on me at one time.

Romantic Heroine said...

They are gorgeous and I like you blog :)

Róisín said...

Megan- Hello and lovely to hear from you again. Don't worry about not commenting, I know you're a busy young lady. And thank you for when you do, you're always very sweet :)

JJ- I can't actually remember if that quote's from that or the other one he wrote on Irish folk tales and peasantry. I had it written down from ages ago. I love both those books too, much better than his earlier nationalist stuff.

Romantic Heroine- Thank you very much my dear. I love your blog too (just had a wee nosy at it there and it's wonderful!) and you have great taste in photos too ;)

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Don't sell yourself short just because you're new to something! Your pages are wonderful. ^-^

Don't compare them to anyone else's, don't be worried that they're 'child-like', as children are far better at the things that count most than adults tend to be.

I absolutely LOVE the fairy page! It's beautiful. And I don't think you overdid anything on the TreePaperBook page. It looks really neat. =D

I'd love to see the rest of your pages, even if it's in August. ^-^

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Know that whatever you create IS good enough. And so special. No one can create the way you do or the things you do. We're all good enough to be ourselves & create from that. ^-^


Anthropomorphica said...

Hi Roisin, I love your journaling and Yeats!!! True and beautiful words!

AlphaBetsy said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Róisín said...

Thank you so much ladies. Your kind words are really very welcome 'cause I get very self-conscious posting these here. I've loved this blog challange and seeing everyone else's pages but when it comes to posting my own I feel so silly! As I said before though, they are really fun to make and I'm glad I joined in. Thanks again!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Sooooo not overdone!!! She is amazing!!! The quote, goodness, my absolute fave! Love this post dear one! Love it so! Blessings and light, Amy

TheAmazingFoxworthBlog said...

That is top-notch quality there Róisín!!! keep it up :-)

K.Michele said...

I love your pages. You have a very unique style! Don't worry that it doesn't look like everyone elses, just go with the flow and create. You always create beautiful pieces. Look forward to seeing more pages.

Róisín said...

Aw, you're both too kind. Thanks :)

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