Friday, July 16, 2010

An Ode To Fungus

I read a lovely little post the other day over at ~serendipity~ which got me thinking (yes, I do do that every so often)- why is it that we humans love fungi so much? When I say ‘fungi’ I am referring specifically to mushrooms and toadstools, but a fungus is a fungus at the end of the day.

Ok, so there’s the obvious folklore and fairytale factor to be considered; every culture on earth has given some sort of legendary status to our little fungal friends. And lets not forget that some mushrooms actually are magical. Then there’s the even more blatant fact that they’re pretty darn wonderful to look at. But I think there’s more to it than that. Of all the wonders in nature, I think mushrooms come out top not just because they’re so pretty but because their beauty sprouts from death and decay. What could be more miraculous than that?

So today I thought about just posting some photos of their aforementioned beauty. Then I thought, seeing as we all know what they look like anyway, I’d instead post some mushroom/toadstool inspired design. After all, is it not their effect on the human psyche that differentiates them from the rest of fungi kind?


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Ahhh... and you brought the wonder of a rainstorm to my thoughts on this glorious, hot, summer day! I can't imagine anything more splendid! We shall swap someday and your blue sky will shine and my rain music will be on the panes! You are a delight. Thanks for the lovely words dear! Blessings.

Frances Tyrrell said...

As usual, cool and Unusual! I'm reminded of Beatrix Potter's story, The Fairy Caravan and toadstools in Bluebell Wood.

Róisín said...

Amy- You're too sweet :) And yes, I'd be happy to swap sometime!

Frances- Thanks missus, for your lovely comment and for bringing back to mind a beautiful childhood memory. I used to love Ms Potter! You know, your little hedgehogs are very Potter-esque.

ruthie said...

Roisin, i especially love the shelf with tiny toadstools sprouting! i think i first fell in love with them as i used to wander through the woods with my grandad hearing stories about the faerie folk and their magical uses, such as faerie rings & toadstool umbrellas!

Róisín said...

Oh Ruthie, you've got me pining for Autumn again- the best time for talking such wonderful danders. You're grandad sounds like the best, and I'm sure he warned you to stay out of those faerie rings!

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