Monday, May 3, 2010

Art You Can Wear!

Another hurried post today. I’ve the connection thing practically sorted but now I’ve a lot of things to catch up on so I’m going to have to put off replying to comments and catching up with everyone’s blogs till tomorrow. I think I’ve becoming addicted to posting, though, and just had to get in here and put something up before I missed another day.

So here you go, a quirky bit of wearable art for you from The Faerie Market. Titled ‘Pereladra’, this fantastical fibre creation is described by the artist as “more of a sculpture that takes the form of a dress.” I’ve been sitting thinking what you could do with it and have decided it would look great as a feature in some fancy upmarket clothes boutique somewhere. Or you could wear it out on a Saturday night. Brighten up your local pub!


JJ Beazley said...

I think it would be a red hot seller with hikers in bear country.

Autumn Alchemy said...

Looks lovely, but try getting on the bus at rush hour in the morning in that!

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