Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mouldy Art

Petri dishes, lichen and fungi are the inspiration behind these delightful little crochet and embroidery pieces by ELINtm.



JJ Beazley said...

It's that old thing about the infinite scope of the imagination again. Particularly liked the petri dish.

I am Osmand Nosse said...

this is marvelous (even if the second to last one looks like a zombies nipple). there is a german guy that does textile meat. sounds strange but is actually .... strange. this is him - http://www.aufschnitt.net/

Róisín said...

JJ- It's a bottomless well alright.

Osmand-A zombie nipple...yes I see what you mean! It now puts me in mind of a god awful film I seen a while back called The Zombie Diaries. One to avoid, even for fans of the undead. Anyway, I checked out yer man's stuff and you're right, it is quite strange. Though strangely cute. I especially like the little cushions with pigs and cows on them. I want one!

I am Osmand Nosse said...

did you see how much he's charging? gadzooks

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