Monday, May 17, 2010

Cultural Recycling

Went on a wee visit to lostateminor today and as ever I’ve returned with some fanciful frivolities to share with you. Now these two finds aren’t the usual type of thing I post about- one’s a fashion/cosmetic type thing, the other a geeky tech gadget- but they are both SO cool. (Yes, I said cool. Is it still cool to say cool?)

The first find comes from design company Paperself in the form of these dramatic Chinese-inspired false eyelashes. As you may have already guessed, they’re made from paper. They come in three different auspicious designs-peonies, peach blossoms and horses- and you can check out more images at the company’s website.

The other absolutely brilliant item I have to share is this totally and utterly amazing laptop typewriter. Why had no one come up with this before now? Seriously, why not? It’s genius! Saying that, I’m still not sure exactly how it works. Anyway, it’s from creativeDNAaustira who describe it using terms like “cultural recycling” and “emotionally appealing” in their blurb. Indeed.


Steam Spectre said...

I dream of owning a nice vintage typewriter, but that "laptop" version is quite fascinating... Wonder if has an iPod dock... :-) Or if we are culturally recycling maybe it play 8 tracks!!! Either way, I think I want one now...

Megan said...

Those eyelashes are crazy! False eyelashes were never my thing, they sort of creep me out. But these are quite brilliant aren't they. I wouldn't dream of wearing them, but they are very cool. More like a work of art!
The laptop/ typewriter looks so cool and quirky!

Róisín said...

I agree Megan. I wore them once on Halloween and spent the whole night thinking the were coming off. But yup, those ones are pretty cool.

And I want a vintage typewriter too Laura Grace! But as I remember from when I was a kid those ribbon rolls can get really messy so that wee laptop might be a bit more practical. And imagine how jealous it'd make your friends! ;)

KY Warrior Librarian said...

These are so cool. And yes, cool, is cool. It never changes. And by the way, have I told you lately how cool your blog is. Such a joy to spend time here. Thanks!

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