Monday, May 10, 2010

Please Ignore the Mess

Image via We Heart It

Hello all. Sorry about the absence over the past few days. I was away having a long overdue catch up with some friends down in old Dubland. Great music, cheap mojitos, sunshine, wedding dress shopping and my first ever game of Risk- what a great weekend…

Anyway, this is just a wee note to let you know that things will be undergoing a bit of a change ’round here over the next day or two. I know I said this ages ago and never actually got round to doing it, but I’m giving the place a little bit of a makeover. So if anyone’s just popped in and things are a little off looking or not working quite right please bear with me!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what relevance the image above has with anything I just said I’m afraid I can’t enlighten you. I simply liked it better than the little ‘under construction’ graphic of workmen digging a hole that I was going to put up. It may be a little less appropriate but at least it’s prettier.


notRuairi said...

There was a true Northern blogger invasion of Dublin this weekend. It needs to happen more often.

JJ Beazley said...

Hey, Roisin. The new header is spectacular. I really like it. Who's got the blog bug, then?

I struggled valiantly with a standard one today, for the story blog. And even that bloody thing drove me nuts.

Cheap mosquitoes? What are they?

Róisín said...

Ruairi- I totally agree. I generally prefer heading to Galway anytime I take a wee trip 'down the country' but my latest visit to our fair capital has made me review my opinion. I think it's because for the first time in AGES I was there for pleasure and not anything work related. It's actually a grand wee town you've got there!

JJ- checked out the story blog, what a great idea! Looking forward to reading more. And thanks for kind words about the header. I wasn't too sure, thought it might be a bit too cutesy, but it'll do for now.

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