Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Day in Pictures. Lots of Pictures!


I had a friend come visit me today. Her name is Kathy and she’s just like a little fairy. She’s so good to me too because when she comes to visit she always takes me places that might not be so far away but that I seldom get to because of my own lack of transportation. Like today when she came and whisked me off to Glenveagh National Park. It’s such a spectacular place and only about an hour’s drive away but I hadn’t actually been there in around two years. As I said, I have a serious transport problem.

Anyway, after a beautiful late Spring morning this afternoon turned pretty soggy. Which is such a pity because the photos I’m about to post would’ve have been so much prettier if the sun had had his hat on. Oh well. I don’t really care to be honest ‘cause I had a great day either way. It’d take more than a little wind and rain to spoil the splendour of that stunning glen. Plus, the weather meant the place was midge free for once! Major bonus. Right well I better warn you: there are a lot of images coming up- with explanatory notes- so this post may take a lot of scrolling!

First off we have the castle. It was too miserable a day to go up the hill and get the whole thing in shot so here are some random angles of it instead.

The castle even has it's very own heated pool which was added back in victorian times, as far as I remember (we didn't bother with the tour today).

Next we have the gardener's cottage and the garden.

And here is a little bird eating my cheesecake at the tearoom.

Here are some statues and some wee flowers.
Next we have a little deer.

Now some trees and Kathy in her natural habitat. She is, in fact, an educational officer for the National Parks and Wildlife Services. You can imagine how great it is to go wandering with her.

Finally (*collective sigh*) here are my favourite boots, curly ferns, and a few random examples of the loveliness in Kathy’s car.

Well, sorry that was so long. It took me all bloody night uploading those! I’ve actually got more I want to put up but, don’t worry, I won’t. I just love that place so much and want to share it with the world! Just think how lovely it would be on a nice day.


Steam Spectre said...

These are so beautiful they make my heart ache a little. Oh to live in that gardener's cottage!!! Some stunning images here. I have the travel bug so badly right now it's nearly killing me...

JJ Beazley said...

Apologies? This is the best post ever. So alive. Blessings to you and Kathy. Great boots. And the bird! Wow. I was there. And I always said that the English Lake District looks best in damp, misty weather. Sunshine is beautiful enough, but the drizzle and mist brings out the real magic. Thanks, Roisin. This is a post par excellence.

glenveagh fan said...

Hi Roisin
You should def get to Glenveagh more those pictures are fab , you should upload them onto the glenveagh national park facebook page

JJ Beazley said...

Hang on! How come somebody your age knows 'The Sun Has Got His Hat On?' Do you know the other one, too - 'Who's Been Polishing the Sun?'

MaygreenFairies said...

What a gorgeous post, stunning photo's, thank you for sharing your day out with us. Mandy x

Róisín said...

Aw, thanks folks for all your kind comments on the post. I was scared it might be so long it'd scare people away.

Laura Grace- I've wanted to live in that cottage since I was a wee girl! It used to have a sign out front which said 'keep out'. I was sad to see it had gone because it added so much more charm and mystery to the place. I used to think a witch lived inside.

JJ- nope, never heard that one! But my granny used to sing 'The sun has got his hat on'.

Glenveagh Fan- I know, I really should head over more often. We're thinking of heading back soon for one of the guided tours at dusk. I can't wait to see how pretty the stars look from there!

Maygreen- Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and I can't remember if I've told you this but I love your blog!

JJ Beazley said...

Oh, great. Now you've got me lined up with your granny. Thanks. Yes, I know. I asked for it.

Róisín said...

God JJ, you're so sensitive about your age! I thought it was only women that got like that!

JJ Beazley said...

God Roisin, you're so sensitive about my English sense of humour! I thought it was only Americans that got like that!

JJ Beazley said...

p.s. I do care, you know. (Somebody actually said that to me once. Minx!)

Megan said...

These are the most beautiful, whimsical pictures. It makes my heart yearn for freedom and nature. Lovely x

Róisín said...

Thanks Megan :)

The Pixie Knoll said...

haha, Hey, wait, leave the Americans out of this! haha Too funny. :-D Love the sense of humor. <3 Roisin, these pictures are soooo beautiful. Oh, to see that castle and the land surrounding up close would be like a fairy-tale dream come true. How beautiful and peaceful your home land is. I could lose myself into those woods and be happy the rest of my life. That little cottage is gorgeous too! You have a wealth at your fingertips! Kathy needs to go and visit more often so we can see more beautiful pictures. <3


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