Monday, August 9, 2010

Activate Your Rainbow Ray

"I believe our imagination is the key to creation and manifesting our magical realities. When I create, I am reminding us of the beauty and the journey in learning truth and love to understand life. Live, love and enjoy! Activate your rainbow ray. Remember, beauty is everywhere!"

The words of Australian artist Sioux Dollman, creator of enchanted sculpture, paintings and art installations. Having had her work displayed everywhere from Ikea stores to local zoos and primary schools, it would seem Ms Dollman is on a one woman campaign to spread a little magic wherever she goes.  Here are just a few examples of her various works of wonder. Check out her website for many, many more!


Steam Spectre said...

The tree makes me swoon. I need to live in that house! I have tried to comment here as of late and for some reason blogger kept crashing on me. To summarize an array of would-be comments: I love this blog! You always have such interesting and original content. (The original comments were so much more eloquent, but alas they are lost forever!) Happy Summer to you!

Róisín said...

Hello there Laura,
Sorry to hear about your problems commenting; I wish I knew more about these technical things to offer an explanation! Though I have heard a few people out there saying Blogger's been playing up lately. Anyway, it's the thought that counts and thank you very much! I haven't actually been online a lot recently so I have not been doing the rounds enough, must get a wee pop over to your place in the next wee while. Thank you again for your kind words and happy summer to you too!

p.s That tree is amazing, isn't it. Oh, to be able to have that girl come round and decorate you house- the stuff of dreams!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Holy WOW... This is so awesome & magical! I'm getting so many wonderful ideas for my house (whenever I manage to get myself a house... ^_~)

Thanks so much for finding all the wonderment you do, and for sharing it with us! =D


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