Friday, August 6, 2010

Flies On My Wall

A wee bit of Friday fun this afternoon, me thinks. Of the dead fly art variety, courtesy of Swedish photographer Lemuhr. There’s been a bloody big bluebottle flying round my room all week annoying my head and I wish he'd go join his friends here. Hey, it could be worse. It could be a wasp. Actually a wasp wouldn’t have lasted this long. I would’ve already got my exterminator to sort it out by now.

Speaking of, we’re fast approaching my most dreaded part of the year- dying wasp season- and I’m gearing myself up for a nervy couple of months. I was only ever stung by one once, and it was by a dead one at that. I was about six and I thought it was terrible the poor thing had been swatted down so I went over to give it a pet. I stupidly ran my thumb over the stinger and within a matter minutes my whole arm had turned black. I could see the blackness moving up through my veins and everything. That was the end of my sympathy for wasps. I still don’t kill any myself, but not for any ethical or noble reason. I’m just so scared of them now that I wouldn’t be able to get near enough to thwart the wee buggers.  Well enough of my moaning. Hope you’re all having a lovely start to the weekend!


Oonagh @ CeltoiCroi said...

I love this post Roisin, really made me laugh out loud, thanks for sharing. And thank you too for the lovely words on my blog at CeltoiCroi, would love to keep in touch.....Donegal's not that far way after all, and there's not many blogger friends I can say that to,
take care of you,

Sydnii said...

Dead fly art... This just cracks me up! And I feel your pain about wasps, though maybe not as much. I just get all swollen and itchy and uncomfortable. Just keep some tongs handy to move the waspies out of your way.

Anthropomorphica said...

Sick but very funny ;) I wonder how it all started.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

This is by far one of my favourite posts of yours!!! XD

These sketches are so clever, I am just beside myself... =D

Thank you so much for your encouragement! It means a lot to me. ^-^ I'm so glad to hear that you had such a good experience with nurses. That is how I hope people will see me when I'm an RN. ^-^

I had a wonderful visit with my folks! Thanks for the well wishes on this too, as I was a bit nervous. But everything went well, so yay! ^-^

Oh yes... and thank you for the compliment on my imagery... ^-^ I'm always a bit hesitant to share my writing with people (blogging not included, obviously...), but anything that waxes poetic or prosey, I'm nervous to set free...

Hope you're having a supremely wonderful day, and congrats on being with the one you love for six years! That's quite the accomplishment these days... ^_~


Róisín said...

Oonagh- Glad you liked the post and thanks for stopping by. It's lovely to meet you and to discover your beautiful blog. I totally agree about staying in touch; us North West bloggers have to stick together!

Sydnii- Thanks for the helpful tips on the wasps, I hadn't thought about the tongs idea. It will be put into action ASAP!

Melanie- Do you know, I hadn't actually thought about how this came about, but right enough- how the hell did that guy come up with it?! And how did he get all the flies without squashing them?

Analee- Aw, thanks :) Glad to hear all went well with the parental vist. And also, you shouldn't be so self-conscious about your writing. I love reading your whimsical musings!

Karen-Maeby said...

Wow I love this post. Very unique and fun! :)

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

This is just priceless!!!!!! I did laugh out loud too! I'm still chuckling over the one that was jumping off the edge... too funny!

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