Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free Spirit Spheres


Welcome to the future, my friends, a utopian society where we all live in these eco-friendly spherical pods suspended from ancient trees. Well, it would be nice. Designed and built by Canadian boat maker  Tom Chudleigh, these ‘free spirit spheres’ are tree houses for adults- literally, there’s an age restriction of 16 and up for liability purposes.  Ha! Take that you pesky kids!

Anyway, if you fancy spending your days swaying in the branches of a wise old oak or pine (lets face it, who wouldn’t?) you can actually purchase a sphere and it’s components to construct your own forest dwelling.  If you’re like me, however, and don’t have a cool $150k to spare or the ability to hammer a nail into a plank of wood without chopping your thumb off, worry not. Tom rents out a few of his spheres in a wood on Vancouver Island for overnight stays. Hmm, let me think- a night in a hostel bunk bed, or one rocked to sleep by the gentle wind?  Tough choice. That little corner of the world is on my must visit list so I really hope to be looking them up at some point in the future. 



Gypsea Tree said...

I've seen these before, but didn't know they could be rented! In Vancouver no less, which is not terribly far from me. I think next time we take a weekend get away there I will have to look into it! I will let you know how it turns out. :-) Tree living is pretty much my ultimate dream aside from a gypsy wagon....

Róisín said...

Oh, if you can you really have to go stay there! I'll be wating to hear all about it! I've always wanted to visit your neck of the woods. I've relations in California and in Vancouver and some day I'd love to take a road trip from one place to the other. By the way, have you ever thought of a gypsy wagon IN a tree? Now that would be something... :)

Romantic Heroine said...

oh, i'd like to stay there for one night or another!

TheAmazingFoxworthBlog said...

i want one of these!!!

it'd be my own bachelor pad of awesomeness!!!

i'd say comin back from the pub and trying to get home would be a bit of a challenge tho!
Imagine you got lost - you'd be barking up the wrong tree :-)

#gets coat#

Judit Molnar said...

There is an Award for you on my blog. Please visit my blog and “pick it up” if you like blog awards. If you tired of blog awards you don’t have to receive it. It doesn’t matter at all.
Bear Hugs,

Róisín said...

Romantic Heroine- So would I :)

Declan- Deej would be impressed with that one, you cheesy eejit!

Judit- Thank you so much!!! I am honoured and gladly accept. I will be over to pick it up shortly :)

Judit Molnar said...

I think Amy will be happy if you pass the award to her. :)
Thank you for your comments! I'm happy to see you are delighted with this award!
Oh Brittany! We have to return!
Bear Hugs,

Róisín said...

Just noticed your comment Judit, and I've the post already up! I didn't put Amy in cause I wasn't quite sure how these things work, but I went over and left her a comment explaining. Thank you so much again! And Brittany, oh yes. As soon as I get my driving licence I'm on the next ferry over; your post has reawakened my desire to return :) Well, hope you're having a lovely evening.
Roisin x

Gypsea Tree said...

LOL. Gypsy wagon in a tree... Silly me, I never had thought about before! The Pacific Northwest is an awesome place to visit. I highly recommend it! If you ever should pass through my way we should meet for a cup 'o tea!

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