Monday, April 5, 2010

Gustav Poochie

Just discovered a friend’s deviantArt account and thought I should give it a wee plug. Matty once painted the most beautiful fairy picture I have ever seen but unfortunately it’s not in his gallery (which you can browse here). Probably because it’s up on the wall over in my sister’s workroom. I must remember and photograph it the next day I call in. Anyway, here are a couple examples of his painting and a couple of his digital pieces. He actually gave the first one to my sister as a gift too. I wish my man would paint me lovely fairies!

Click to enlarge these baad asses for full attitude!

Oh and before I go, hello to Laura! I think a wee birdie has been cheeping, but it’s ok because I don’t mind if you know about this place missus. ;)


JJ Beazley said...

Liked the squirrel, the lamb and Angekina best, but the colours in Klimpt My Fairy are wonderful.

JJ Beazley said...

Do I need to say that should have been Angelina?

Julie said...

Hi, thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I am always afraid of making mistakes when I write about Irish things, having just learned about them myself. (I didn't know about my Irish heritage until 5 years ago.) I am happy to be a follower on an Irish blog and will add you to my sidebar. I haven't scrolled down far enough to read about any Irish legends or lore, but I certainly do like what I have read so far. I love the site deviant art and take many of my images from there (especially for use on another, private blog that I write with another Celtic lady, my "ancestral sister" Gemma.

Julie said...

PS - I love your name but I bet it is not pronounced ROYsin as we Americans would pronounce it.

Róisín said...

Hi Julie,
Glad you could make it. I’ve been toying with putting up a myth-related post for a few days now and after getting back from your blog yesterday I felt inspired, so my latest post is dedicated to you! Thanks for adding me to your sidebar too. I really need to get one up and running myself, I keep meaning to but I’m frightened it’ll end up way to long! Oh, and don’t be so silly there, worrying about making mistakes about Irish things. Where you’re born doesn’t give you a monopoly on knowledge. (Your love of the topic at hand might though.) At any rate, I don’t know how possible it is to be accurate about tales of events that happened so long ago and that have been so adapted and distorted over time, and mostly past down orally to boot. I think you’re doing a great job over there, but then just because I’m Irish doesn’t mean I actually know! If any Irish yobbo claims to disagree just tell them they don’t know either. J

By the way, my name is pronounced ‘Roe-sheen’ although that’s not the way most people round here say it. It’s to do with fadas (those wee strokes over the letters) and differing dialects of Gaeilge. Basically my mum’s from Scotland and she called me the southern version even though up in these parts they pronounce it ‘Raw-sheen’. I don’t care one way or the other.

I’m sorry JJ, I know you asked me that in a comment already and I failed to get round to answering it. It’s funny you say your favourite name is Aisling- one of my best friends is called Aisling which I always thought sweet because we make up the entire Irish navy (which is kitted out with a whole two war ships, one named Roisin the other named Aisling).

poet334 said...

sorry roisin but i just knew laura would love the site..she wont tell anyone dont worry :) good work plugging mattys work too im sure he'd be pleased. post more myths and ledgends!

Laura said...

why thank you Roisin... and i promise i'' keep it quiet :)
Seriously loving it though, very happy to the little birdie that let it slip :)

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