Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank You (x3)

Right, so I’ve lots of gratitude to convey today. First off, following my previous moaning about how my own man never paints me fairies, my little sisiter’s beau has taken pity and created this beautiful little madam for me. Her name is Sioga Na Gheimhreadh, which means winter fairy as Gaeilge. Thanks Poochie! (And who says a little grumbling ever hurt anyone?)

Secondly, I only just realised that I forgot to thank my newest followers in my last post. I don’t have a link for the awfully familiar looking Pecka, so instead I’ll just direct you to the ever tasteful Amazing Foxworth Blog (the only other one she follows, which happens to be by a good friend of mine. Who are you Pecka?) I do have a link for the lovely Claire, however, who has probably the best fairy tale blog out there. Plus I think her page has one of the prettiest banner headers I’ve come across to date:

Well anyway ladies and gent, thanks again. It really is much appreciated!


JJ Beazley said...


Róisín said...

It's times three 'cause I was thanking three people. I kinda put that up in a hurry earlier and only realised there now that it didn't make much sense. Oh well.

TheAmazingFoxworthBlog said...

pecka = trocaire award winner!!!!

Róisín said...

Really? Well I did say she looked familiar!

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