Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kingslayer Vs The Dragon Reborn

For Sarah, Laura and anyone else as geeky as us: a fantasy showdown between A Song of Fire and Ice’s Jaime Lannister and a certain young sheep herder named Rand al’Thor. Anyone can submit their imaginings and even George RR Martin and Brandon Sanderson themselves have joined the action and offered their own interpretations of how the characters would fare. It’s somewhat of a master class in procrastination by the two authors (who better hurry up and get those books out, we’re starved here!), but it’s a little fix of dragon crack for us pathetic addicts.

If you’re not yet familiar with The Wheel of Time or A Song of Fire and Ice series, I strongly urge you to take a month or two out of your usual reading routine to gobble up all the fantastical escapism the novels have to offer. Now go on, do it, and I won’t take “I don’t like fantasy books” as an excuse!


matty said...

hello, i became a follower:) you were sayin nobody ever makes u any faerie's so i made ya one a while ago,its at: (that's prob bad irish)
but if u want the full unwatermarked one email me at so i can get your e-mail address. c ya later, hope u like it:)

Róisín said...

Thanks Matty- I love her! Oh, and thanks for following. Thinking of starting your own wee blog? You should, you've so many lovely things to share!

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